The Ultimate Sober Summer Survival Guide

Summer. It’s the best. Backyard barbeques. Floating in the pool. And drinks. So many drinks. Through experience and advertising, we have come to associate summertime activities with alcohol. That association can be difficult on us when we’re facing our first summer that isn’t soaked in booze. Whether you call it an alcohol-free summer, a booze-break, or a sober summer – we have your ultimate survival guide! You’re not just going to get through it. You’ll love it.

sober summer

How To Have A Sober Summer

Learning to navigate life with less booze in it can be challenging. It seems like temptation and obstacles lurk around every turn. It can be hard to know what you should even prepare for, let alone how you should deal with it. What should a former drinker do to have an epic summer while staying true to their new lifestyle?

1) Be Aware

Awareness will be the most important tool you have when it comes to staying and enjoying this summer alcohol-free. What should you be aware of? Well, pretty much everything. Commit to curiosity. Observe everything but judge nothing.

What events, people, or activities seem to trigger you?
Are there certain things you’ve always done or people you interacted with when you were drinking that you no longer enjoy?
What time of day or days of the week do you struggle with the most?

Give yourself permission to tune in to all of your emotions, thoughts, feelings, and instincts during this time. They will provide you with valuable insight and points of reference.

2) Stop Doing What You’ve Always Done

You’re on this incredible journey of change. It isn’t just being alcohol-free, taking a break from booze, or a sober summer you’re after. You are changing your mindset completely! Why would you be changing your mindset and changing your relationship with alcohol, but holding on to doing the same things you’ve always done? You are becoming a better and more authentic version of yourself – that means things need to change.

Yes, you might have always gone to THAT party, THAT bar, or done THAT thing on Friday nights in the summer. But you’re no longer THAT person. Now, you get to rewrite and reinvent what you do. So if what you’ve always done no longer works for you, do something different!

3) Put Yourself in Charge

Do you still want to have the most awesome and incredible summer possible? Are you worried about missing out on things just because you’re not drinking? You’re already taking control of your relationship with alcohol, why not also take on being the activities director for your crew this summer?

You can plan some amazing activities that can highlight how much fun life is when booze is no longer calling the shots.

An easy way to make it a non-negotiable is to seek out activities where alcohol isn’t allowed. Head to a spring, lake, river, or beach where alcohol isn’t allowed. You’re not making the rules here – you’re just following them!

Get creative too! What about making craft lemonades, iced teas, or ice creams at a party? Buy tickets to a scavenger hunt in town or plan your own. Organize a corn hole or giant Jenga tournament. Fly kites, go stargazing or make custom smores.

Better yet, put a spin on the popular bar crawl concept – do a coffee bar crawl, an ice cream walk, or a hot dog hunt!

4) Don’t Go Alone

One of the most important things to maintain once we’re no longer boozing it up is connection. Socializing and not wanting to feel alone is often why many of us drink. Maintaining a connection to others and creating a community of support is vital to not only making it through a sober summer but to enjoying your alcohol-free life. Look within your circle to see who might be able to be your wingmen and wing women! If you’re striking out on finding that support network in real life, we’ve got your virtual back!

Join us for our 3-Day Virtual Event where you’ll not only pick up some new tools to help you have the most epic alcohol-free summer ever but you’ll also be able to tap into the private TNM community! Support, connection, and community all in one place just for you!

5) Think Bigger

If it feels like your mind keeps going to what you’ll be missing out on this summer, it might be time to think bigger. The best way to get out of our own heads and put things in perspective is by realizing just how much we have. Volunteering is an amazing way to stay out of the bars, improve the lives of others, and enrich your life too! Whatever your passion or interests might be – there’s a way to pursue it while volunteering.

The added bonus is you’ll connect with others who share your interests beyond just having drinks together!

One Season Does Not Define You

The idea of spending the entire summer without having a drink may seem unfathomable to you at this moment but imagine how accomplished you’ll feel as you roll into the fall without having had a drop of booze pass through your lips! Don’t let this season define or defeat you. Realizing you’ve made it through one potentially triggering period of time will just empower and encourage you to keep going. As I always say – I can drink as much as I want to whenever I want to – I just haven’t had a desire to drink for years now!