Have you heard of The Sober Senorita?

sober senorita

This Naked Mind LIVE 2019

I’ve been telling you a lot about the incredible line up we have for This Naked Mind LIVE 2019… and today I have a special treat!

I remember loving some of the voices on the internet when I first considered changing my drinking.

These beautiful voices normalized what I now realize is a totally normal thing (drinking too much when alcohol is addictive to human beings!). At the time, I didn’t feel normal and these voices gave reprieve from some of the crazy stories I’d been telling myself.

Stories like…

…why can’t I be ‘normal’?
…I must have a ‘problem’?
…this (not drinking) is a punishment – why me!?
…why am I the only one?
….whats wrong with me ?
…life is never going to be fun again!…

And so much more mental trash! Subconscious beliefs that I had that were keeping me stuck and holding me back.

The Sober Senorita

One of the blogs I discovered was Sober Senorita.

There was this amazing woman with one of the biggest and most genuine smiles I’d ever seen (yes, I think you can tell if a smile is genuine on the internet) telling her story.

Allowing me to see her wounds.
Seeing her vulnerability.
Her growth.
Her progress.

Kelly is her name and she opened up a whole world for me.

A world where…

…it was not a punishment, but a proud choice.
…life could be great – even better!
…not only was I normal I was lucky! – What!?

Years later, I invited Kelly on my podcast and the conversation was amazing – everything I’d dreamed.

Today, our relationship has developed even further and Kelly has recently joined my team at This Naked Mind (how cool is this world!?!?!).

Join Us

And best of all – for the first time ever – Kelly Fitzgerald Junco, The Sober Senorita, will be joining me on stage at This Naked Mind LIVE 2019!

What?! Does it get any better than this!?

Join us.

Discover the wisdom and genuine happiness that Kelly exudes.

Learn from her as I have.

I can’t wait to see you there.