The Quick Guide To Changing Your Drinking

It might be when you’re up at 2:00 a.m. full of anxiety. Or the day after, when you’re feeling that hangover. Or maybe it’s just that you’re concerned about your health. No matter the reason – you think it’s time for changing your drinking. I get it and I’m here to help guide you through – without shame, regret or any FOMO.

Changing Your Drinking

You’re thinking of changing your drinking! Congratulations on taking charge! You’re not alone in thinking that maybe alcohol really isn’t that great anymore. There’s a whole alcohol free movement out there that is exploding! So take heart in knowing that there are many others just like you who have decided that change is a good thing!

How You Think

Many of us drink because of how we think. It was certainly true for me. I *thought* that alcohol did all these amazing things for me. It made me happy. Helped me relax. Alcohol gave me courage. I needed alcohol to fit in and to let loose. My list went on and on…and I believed all these things…until alcohol stopped holding up its end of the bargain.

If alcohol made me happy, then why was I so depressed? I needed alcohol to relax, but my anxiety was just awful after drinking. It took experiences like that to make me question my beliefs. Once I started questioning those beliefs, I was able to start changing my drinking. By not only questioning beliefs but replacing them with the truth behind what alcohol does, it’s easy to stop or cut back on drinking.

What You Do

I wish changing your drinking was as easy as saying – well, I just won’t think these things anymore! That would be great! It’s just not realistic though! In addition to changing your thinking, you also have to change what you do. How are you going to respond to a stressful day? What about a sleepless night? What will you do when friends are meeting for drinks? No longer can you rely on alcohol to be a magic cure to all that ails you – after all, it wasn’t doing such a great job at that was it?

Changing what you do means learning coping mechanisms for dealing with life – rather than reverting to avoidance. It also means planning ahead and preparing prior to socializing. You can also learn to speak up and find different activities to enjoy with friends.

Read About It

Learn more about changing your drinking! You can start reading This Naked Mind for free today to learn more!


Your greatest asset in changing your drinking is not to go into it thinking that you’ll be missing out on something. Whether you’re looking to cut back or eliminate alcohol completely – you don’t want to enter into this with a sense of deprivation. What is your reasoning for why you want to change your drinking? What led you to make a change? Examine your whys. Examine why you drank and see if your new beliefs and experiences dispel some of what you use to know. Part of your FOMO is also due to what society and media tell us. Remember that those messages are not true. They are designed to sell you lies.

Congrats on being brave and courageous and taking this step. Changing your drinking is changing your life and other lives as well!

If you’re looking for additional support please join us in The Alcohol Experiment!