The Quarter-Million-Dollar Question that Changed my World.

In my latest Elephant Journal article I share the quarter-million-dollar question that changed my world forever.

I would make rules for myself around drinking—so many rules—and I would break or bend them regularly. My anxiety and depression were increasing and alcohol was no longer fun. What had happened? Why was I drinking so much? When had the wine become so important that I was angry if I couldn’t drink?

I set out to where we all do to dig for answers: Google! My search brought me to an online community where others like me were questioning their relationship with alcohol. A member posed a question that set the path for changing my entire outlook on my relationship with alcohol and its importance in my life.

The Quarter-Million-Dollar Question

“If I were offered $250,000 to quit drinking alcohol forever, would I?”

A quarter-million dollars. That isn’t exactly pocket change.

We’ve all fantasized about what we would do if a windfall fell into our laps. What we don’t often consider is what we would give up in order to have that money.

There were so many things I would easily never do again for that much money—eat ice cream, drive a car, use deodorant, yet, I couldn’t name my price to give up alcohol. Was $250,000 not enough money for me to never drink again?

Wouldn’t most of my reasons for “needing” to drink be solved by $250,000? So if I no longer “needed” to drink, why was I still concerned about being deprived of alcohol?

If I couldn’t name a price for eliminating alcohol in my life—who was in charge here?

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