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Alan drank for over 30 years, not able to moderate or find freedom from it despite many attempts. That all changed when he discovered the power of This Naked Mind.

the power of This Naked Mind

The Power of This Naked Mind

As I write this, I’m sitting by a pool, 10 days into an all-inclusive holiday where “everybody else” is drinking and I haven’t missed alcohol at all!! It’s effortless.

For the last 30 years, my life has revolved around alcohol … The power of This Naked Mind absolutely amazes me.

For 25 years I have tried to cut back, to moderate, to have at least 2 consecutive alcohol-free nights, but eventually have just drunk more and more and ended up being able to comfortably drink going on for 2 bottles a night without even waking up with a hangover!!

I have asked doctors, been on courses, and toyed with AA. The idea of not being able to drink at all terrified me. Just as is mentioned so meaningfully in the book. After all, trying to do 2 days a week was torture. How could I possibly manage without it at all and for the rest of my life?!!!!

I still don’t fully understand how the book has managed to change me to such a degree, after all, I was well aware of the dangers 25 years ago when I first asked the NHS for help.

I knew I was drinking too much, I knew the term slippery slope, I knew I could ultimately die from cirrhosis or cancer but still, I couldn’t cut back!!

The unpicking of the unconscious mind is clearly the key. I still can’t believe how simply that has been done!!!

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To have no desire to drink is incredible, wonderful, and life-changing.

How is it that the health professionals do not understand this stuff?? This Naked Mind should be available on prescription!!!

My Journey

I was almost a non-drinker up to my early 20s. Not really getting it. I would drive. All my friends would get drunk. I would genuinely have as much fun as them. But slowly, I’d have the odd one. Go to parties without the car and drink. Get drunk from time to time… have all the “never again” moments. Slowly but surely, I became a sensible, moderate drinker.

…apart from, as I now know for a fact, that was an illusion.

I remember vividly a moment about 30 years ago. After changing from one highly successful but pressurized career to another and finishing early on a sunny Friday afternoon, with a weekend of leisure on the immediate horizon, I stopped off at the shop on the way home to buy booze. My sole intention – to sit in the sunshine and slowly get drunk. I remember the enjoyment of sitting in my own garden, successful, relaxed, and in control. How much better could life get? But of course, I wasn’t in control. That became a weekly habit, then it would become a full weekend of drinking, to eventually “needing” a drink every day.

Failing at Moderation

When I realized this about 5 years later, it was too late. Attempts at moderation failed and each time I ended up drinking more and more.

It was a slow steady progression from about 40 units a week, to probably 60 units 10 years later, to approx. 100 units per week at the start of 2022 and indeed a struggle to keep it at that.

The NHS made fun of me 25 years ago for asking for help at 40 units saying that “if you’re not drinking as much as your GP it’s probably not an issue…oh and try and have at least 2 consecutive alcohol-free days a week.” Brilliant!!..Not!!! The thing is, trying to cut back then was no easier than it was 2 months ago!!!

Once it has its hooks in, it’s game over.

Since then I have been divorced, suffered from depression on more than one occasion, and remarried.

The last time I asked for help, about 7 years ago, things had moved on. I was told to cut back. (Handcuffs and keys spring to mind) Referred to a “specialist unit” where they would sort me out. BRILLIANT!! I thought, at last, some real help!! Only it wasn’t. Sitting, being patronized once a week for 12 weeks. Being told the same stuff about units, cirrhosis, mental health, impacts on family, etc, etc, etc…that I had known for 20 plus years!!!

What I needed was “a key”…

Now I have it thanks to the power of This Naked Mind. Thank you. My new wife is amazed! For the last 10 years, she has been asking me to cut back and my drinking has increased not decreased…now I drink nothing she can’t believe it, almost testing me!! She still drinks but not to the level I did. She has cut back though and it seems effortless. I think I was a bad influence. The good thing is if it becomes more of a problem for her she can always read the book. 🙂

My 2 grown-up children (both currently moderate drinkers) from my first marriage are proud of me and I’m now certain I will be able to be a better dad to my 8-year-old than I would have been on a 100 units a week, despite functioning “normally” at this level!!!

I sit here sipping my peppermint tea by the pool, whilst beer, sangria, g&ts, and tequila sunrises are being “enjoyed” all around me. I feel no loss or deprivation or yearning but the sheer joy that I can enjoy all these moments alcohol-free.

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