The Pandemic No One is Talking About. ~ Annie Grace

There’s a pandemic raging around the world that no one is discussing. As social distancing and lockdowns continue, along with economic and personal losses, we are seeing it increase and take down those who thought themselves immune. Many of you have the cause of this pandemic sitting in your fridge or on your table as you read this. You have no idea the potentially devastating effects it holds in its power.

Death Rate of the Pandemic

This legal substance attributes to 2.8 million deaths annually worldwide. Globally, one in three people admit to using it (equivalent to 2.4 billion people). 2.2 percent of women and 6.8 percent of men die from health problems related to it each year.

In fact, it ranks as the seventh leading risk factor for premature death and disability worldwide in 2016. It is the leading cause of death for people aged 15-49 years old. For this age group, it is associated with tuberculosis, road injuries, and self-harm. Furthermore, in older age groups, it’s often tied to cancer, cardiovascular issues, and strokes. As a result, it is deadlier than all other drugs combined.

Learn More About This Pandemic

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