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Scott Pinyard, head coach of This Naked Mind, talks about alcohol use disorder, the effects of alcohol on the brain and body, how to help someone struggling with alcohol addiction, and how to be there for yourself if you are wrestling with alcohol on the IPS Podcast.

Where It All Started

Reading This Naked Mind led Scott to become alcohol free and eventually become our head coach! Read the book that started it all for him. Download the first 40 pages for free.

IPS Podcast

The IPS Academy provides online courses from some of the best instructors out there on mental health, personal development, lifestyle, nutrition, mindfulness, improving your life quality, etc.

About Scott

Today, Scott trains other coaches while also coaching people who struggle with alcohol; he also helps run some of the programs on This Naked Mind, and every month, he answers some of the more difficult and intense questions about alcohol from people on the podcast of This Naked Mind. 

Looking at Scott today, you’d be surprised to know that he himself had struggled for 15 years with alcohol addiction.

Scott knows professionally how alcohol affects the brain and body and how to help someone in these circumstances. He also knows emotionally what it is like to live with such an addiction. This makes Scott the perfect guest to speak about this topic.

In this interview, Scott Pinyard provides a general understanding of alcohol. He expands on the effects alcohol has on the brain and body. Discusses how to help someone struggling with alcohol addiction, and—if you are currently wrestling with alcohol addiction—how to be there for yourself.

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