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I had so many ideas about what would make not drinking difficult. My job, hanging out with friends – even parenting. I joined The Elephant Journal to share that the hardest part of not drinking took me by complete surprise.

hardest part of not drinking

It wasn’t what I expected

I think anytime we approach anything with preconceived notions we find that our beliefs often hold little weight. All the reasons I thought I drank were really just symptoms of the root cause. And that root cause was the hardest part of not drinking for me.

The Elephant Journal

In a recent article in The Elephant Journal, I share what was the hardest part of not drinking in my case. What came hardest about not drinking was me. I shockingly discovered that, without alcohol, I finally had to learn how to deal with messy, wonderful me.

I’d drowned my thoughts, feelings, and my very personality with alcohol for so long that when I removed the alcohol, I wasn’t quite sure who I was anymore.

Read About It

Start reading This Naked Mind for free today to learn how to work through not only your beliefs but also discover who you are without alcohol.

In my Elephant Journal article, I also encourage you to join the 100,000 others in The Alcohol Experiment – a completely free option with daily emails and exercises to support participants in a 30-day, booze-free challenge.

Why We Drink

Often why we drink isn’t black and white. The reasons we tell ourselves cover much greater issues and insecurities than we realize. We must peel through those layers and uncover who we are and what we need – layer by layer. Once we’ve done that many of us discover that the person we are not only doesn’t need alcohol but is amazing just the way they were created.

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