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Lindsay tried it all and read it all when it came to changing her relationship with alcohol. This Naked Mind ended up being the game changer.

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The Game Changer

I came to This Naked Mind through recommendation from a member of an alcohol free group I had joined. I’d signed up for a 90 day AF challenge. After reading several quit lit books This Naked Mind was the game changer in my view of alcohol. It helped me understand why I wanted to drink, understand the effects that alcohol had on my health, and see through the illusion that I couldn’t live without alcohol!

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The Beginnings

I started drinking at an early age, around 16 when I had my first few Malibu and Cokes. Like most 16-20 year olds, I would drink alco pops with my friends and rarely suffer a hangover. It wasn’t really until my mid 20’s when I was regularly drinking, the nights out would turn into all-nighters and things started to get out of hand. I’d convinced myself that I needed alcohol to have a good time, I wanted to fit in. Being a tall girl at over 6ft, I felt I really stood out and drinking helped to ease any self consciousness. At that point, I’d developed a strong taste for the drink. The problem was that I really wanted to keep drinking, I didn’t want the night to end.

Recreational drugs became part of the scene and I’d stay up until 6am/7am in the morning.

When drunk, my moral compass went awry as I’d get myself into sticky situations and sleep with men I would never dream of sleeping with in my right mind.

I’m ashamed to say I’d also drive after drinking. My better judgement and self worth was being eroded as the next day I would feel ashamed at what I’d done.

An Endless Battle

This went on through my twenties. I got myself into debt and I’d battle between nights binge drinking, suffering the consequences, and wanting a better life for myself. Deep down I just didn’t think I deserved one. In order to continue my career in sales and try and make a life for myself with a better paid job, I moved to London in my early thirties joining a fast paced company.

Alcohol was part of the culture. Everyone drank and cocaine was part and parcel.

The stress and pressure of high targets and wanting to fit in and be part of the team led to my drinking really spiraling. I had also built up a tolerance. Often I’d drink until the morning and then drive into work with no sleep, or phone in sick. This pains me to write as I know how bad I was at this point and I’m ashamed of the actions I took. I’d pushed myself to the point where I knew needed a game changer and I’d finally had enough. The years of alcohol abuse had taken their toll and I was really quite frightened of the situation I was in. I felt out of control and I couldn’t trust myself. It felt like I was going mad and I had to break the cycle.

Seeking A Change

I left my job and found one which felt more in line with the change I was looking to make. With less pressure, I had time to start working on healing myself and started my journey of self care. Meditating daily, reading self help and quit lit books, and joining a 90 day alcohol free challenge. I looked for inspiration everywhere. Changing my diet, exercising, and running. As I started to develop the tools I needed to gain strength, I stopped drinking in the week and over the months as I was regaining control of my life. The gaps between drinking grew longer. I ran a half marathon last year, something I would never have done when I was drinking.

Life Throws Me A Game Changer

Last year I found out I had Non-Hodgkins lymphoma. The form of cancer I have means that I do not need treatment right away. I knew that my years of drinking alcohol compounded by a stressful job had definitely made an impact to my health. In fact, I’m sure it had it’s part to play in the development of the illness. I’m fortunate that I was in a stronger place at the time to handle the situation. Now I’m more determined than ever to stick to the path I was on and work more on self healing. It’s starting to have a really positive effect, I wholly believe in the body and mind’s power to self heal.

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I’m now five months without alcohol. I feel strong and determined and more resolute now than ever to create the life I want and deserve. There will be times my resolve will be tested but I have the tools now to cope when it arises. Turning inwards through meditation has turned my life around considerably. I feel grateful for what I have and that I am making the right choices by keeping true to myself, trusting in life and how it is unfolding. Reading This Naked Mind has given me the knowledge I can fall back on and I know it’s there whenever I need a gentle reminder. Has This Naked Mind been a game changer for you? Please share your stories so you can help others!

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