The Biggest Mistake You’re Making When It Comes To Stopping Drinking

All the rules, advice, and guides that exist to help one stop drinking can be mind-boggling. If you consult Google, the suggestions just keep on coming. How do you even know if you’re doing it right? I can’t tell you that as I don’t believe there is a single right way to do it, but I can tell you the single biggest mistake you’re making when it comes to stopping drinking.

mistake stopping drinking

Doing Too Much

The biggest mistake you’re making when it comes to stopping drinking is doing too much. That can mean so many things on this journey, so I’m going to dive in and cover a few ways you might be doing too much. It’s up to you to decide which of these things are beneficial to you and which are detrimental. Remember that there’s no one right way to be successful at this!

All The Things

Your biggest mistake might be that you’re taking on too much. You’re not just trying to stop drinking, you’ve decided you’re also going to lose 10 pounds, quit smoking, and run a marathon. These are all great goals, but you’ll quickly find that your focus is spread out in so many ways that you are finding it hard to be successful at any one task. Success creates success, so allow yourself to conquer one goal at a time.

Over Informed

I love science, research, literature, and support. So much of it is now available when it comes to stopping drinking. Yet, you can get too much of a good thing. If the idea is to make alcohol small and irrelevant in your life, maybe it isn’t a good idea to surround yourself with stories and information about it. It’s okay to take breaks from the quit lit and support groups – they will be there when you need them, but stay mindful of whether they might be a trigger for you at times.

No Rest For The Weary

When it comes to stopping drinking, many of us find that we acquire all this time we never had before. It’s this splendid discovery and we feel we need to optimize it. We begin to fill that time with stuff, obligations, and sometimes more stress which may be what contributed to our drinking to begin with. Resist that temptation. You don’t have to fill that time. There is no shame in taking a break and not using it to be productive or to grow. Give yourself permission to just rest and recharge. Getting adequate rest – both mentally and physically – is crucial for your overall health and well-being.

The Biggest Mistake You’re Making When It Comes To Stopping Drinking

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