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Darth is now thankfully alcohol-free after her drinking crept up on her and became a problem for her later in life.

thankfully alcohol-free

Alcohol was irrelevant for years

Alcohol had been irrelevant in my life until my early 40s. Over the years, a small glass while cooking dinner morphed into a drink or two every night. I felt I deserved it and was soon out of sorts without it. Often, I found myself pouring that glass of wine before my coat was off at night. Glasses turned into bottles, which turned into boxes. My loss of control quickly had me Googling “Am I an alcoholic?” in April of 2018, which led me to discover your book. Prior to that, I had been drinking more than a bottle of wine a night for about five years. I was also starting to add a bottle of vodka in on the weekends to get that quicker buzz when the wine stopped working.

The quitting game

I tried to quit for several years and usually ended up drinking more when I went back to it. I had so many day ones. The cognitive dissonance was exhausting. I once put my shoes on and took them off four times in an attempt NOT to drive to the liquor store and buy wine. My dogs were so confused. I ended up buying the wine. I also gave up quitting for extended periods of time. But I knew I was retiring from teaching soon, and I saw day drinking looming in my future. I was starting to forget conversations with my husband. No one would have thought I had a problem, but the only thing I really wanted to do at night was drink. Most confusing of all was the fact that I didn’t even really enjoy it anymore.  I knew it had to stop, but I wasn’t sure how.

The Alcohol Experiment

Thankfully, your book popped up in that Google search. I found it at Barnes and Noble, and practically read the entire book in one afternoon. When I finished it two days later, I texted my sister and said, “I think I have been hypnotized into NOT wanting to drink.” It was the craziest feeling. I joined The Alcohol Experiment right away, and I believe I drank about 14 times after that. But something in me had shifted, and I just knew I was done.

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I am Thankfully Alcohol-Free

For the past three years, I have been on a quest to discover what led me to self-medicate with alcohol in the first place. Your work, and the work of many others, has led me to discover books and podcasts from many wise teachers. This poem is my way of saying thank you. I am 56 years old and happily retired from teaching. I nanny part-time and love having time to myself. Thankfully, I no longer feel the need to self-medicate.

My husband quit drinking over 30 years ago, right out of college, saying he drank enough in college to last a lifetime – such a smart man! His was spontaneous sobriety, and he has never missed it. I feel something similar happened to me after reading your book. I have two adult daughters, ages 22 and 23, who also seldom drink. Like you, I drink as much as I want, which has turned out to be nothing.

Thankfully Alcohol-Free

Get back to A Naked Mind instructs Annie Grace,

Reading her work brought me to this healing place.

Dan Harris convinced me that 10% Happier was a possibility,

If I simply sat each day and was still, silence could set me free.

The Little Book of Big Change revealed I was not broken -such a gift,

Dr. Amy Johnson taught me it was my thinking that had to shift.

The Sober Diaries showed me you can parent without wine,

Clare Pooley, Sober Mummy, stopped and was just fine.

Paul Churchill and I truly do know that Alcohol is Shit!

Walking miles to the Recovery Elevator podcast also helped get me fit.

The Power of the Now will sustain you – Eckhart Tolle does say,

And there is an Unexpected Joy of Being Sober, shouts Catherine Gray.

I love The Bubble Hour podcast where Jean McCarthy calmly holds space,

Let Laura McKowen remind us We Are the Luckiest with grace.

Untamed Glennon Doyle tells us we can do hard things & quit,

While Recovery by Russell Brand will lead you through the 12 Steps with wit.

Holly Whitaker challenges us to Quit like a Woman – NQTD,

Never Question the Decision became a mantra for me.

Breathe love in, breathe love out and find what feels good to you,

Yoga with Adriene every morning helps me greet the day anew.

Through Michael Singer’s work I am becoming The Untethered Soul,

Relaxing & Releasing in my attempt to become whole.

I am so very thankful   for the people who have imparted to me,

A wise set of teachings that have helped me to live alcohol free.

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