Sunday Cafe – Alcohol As A Drug of Choice

I was delighted to join Roman Travers on his Sunday Cafe. It’s a conversation at a cafe, covering off the Sunday papers in a laid back way. Our conversation focuses on alcohol as a drug of choice and how the dynamic is shifting. We discuss why and how to take a break from alcohol as well.

The Sunday Cafe

Drinking alcohol has become the socially acceptable drug of choice in New Zealand. What is pleasing is to see the numbers of younger people choosing not to drink. Drinking is slowly reducing. But what is the good, the bad and the ugly side of alcohol?

Why The Alcohol Experiment?

It was time for us to have another option where we can take a look at our own life and instead of somebody saying this is going to be great, or this is gonna not be great, let’s decide for ourselves. Let’s approach it as an experiment. Try 30 days alcohol free and see how it makes you feel in your life.

It’s a lot about forming a new habit, but it’s also about mindset shifts. You really need new information and, and just really questions to think about things differently. Like is this really doing what I thought it was doing for me?

Why Do People Drink?

We all drink for so many different reasons, but a lot of them is to relax or to have a good time or to loosen up. We even think we’re better in the bedroom or more attractive to the opposite sex when we drink. We’ve tied alcohol to everything social for our entire lives. So it’s become really habitual. The book is all about taking a step back and mindfully asking the question. You walk into a happy hour, somebody hands you a beer, you drink it without even thinking about it and just saying, Hey, did I really want that? Is it really doing anything for me? Is there a benefit without any shame, without any stigma? Just approaching it like a wellness conversation instead of like, Oh, I’m addicted.

Try The Alcohol Experiment

Curious what life could be like without alcohol as your drug of choice? Join The Alcohol Experiment for a free 30 day alcohol free challenge.  You’ll receive daily emails and videos to help guide you through and encourage you to rethink and reshape your relationship with alcohol. You’ll also get connected with other Sunday Cafe listeners like you. In person and online – the alcohol free movement is taking off and you can join in.

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