Stuck Drinking- Ria’s Naked Life

Ria felt stuck drinking. From an early age, it was what she did and what everyone around her did. Once she started questioning it, she knew it was time to get unstuck. Read on and get to know how This Naked Mind helped her.

My Story

For me, drinking to excess was a descent that I didn’t notice, just like Allen Carr suggested with his analogy of the pitcher plant. Starting slowly, gaining pace, and before too long, I’d fallen so far down, there was no longer a way back up. I was stuck drinking.

Permission To Drink

From the age of 12 or 13, I can remember being allowed to drink beer at home. My older brothers would buy it for me with my Mum’s blessing, and I would sip one can all evening. Later, I remember asking my brother to buy me a bottle of Newcastle Brown Ale. I supported Newcastle United Football Club and Newcastle Brown Ale were their sponsor. That’s quite a scary example of how advertising alcohol in the right way can lead directly to a desire to drink it!

I didn’t like the taste. I hated it even. But I remember feeling like I should force it down – to be cool. To be like my older brothers, their friends, my parents and their friends. All drinkers, all advertising it to me as a young teenager. Something that was fun and exciting.

Something that everyone did, and so I’d better too – if I wanted to be normal. Drinking was normal.

Reasons To Drink

My later teenage years stepped it up a notch. At 16, my step-father died from liver disease – brought on by alcoholism. It was only a short few years after his father had died of the same thing. He died at home on Christmas Eve, in the living room, on a hospital bed in front of the Christmas tree. We raised a glass to him on Christmas day. The irony. It’s no wonder I was stuck drinking with that example!

Chasing The High

I started drinking more from age 16 onward, going out clubbing with friends when I was underage. Drinking alcopops that I hated the taste of. Iron Bru flavoured WKDs and Smirnoff Ice. I don’t remember hangovers back then. But isn’t that true for most young drinkers? I had this endless stamina for boozy nights out and to keep going, I dabbled with drugs too. Speed, ecstasy and cocaine at different times, chasing the buzz, the high feeling that I craved. Looking back, I don’t know how I made it through school with good grades.

Stuck Drinking

The drugs stopped when I went away to university at 18. I started having panic attacks and I was scared all the time, particularly about if I was going to die any time soon, so the thought of taking anything that could hurt me filled me with dread. Not the drink though, that persisted. Drinking until I puked was normal. Drinking every day was normal. I was slipping down further all the time. Still stuck drinking.

Questioning It

I have wondered lately about other drinkers, and if they’ve had that moment yet where they think they might be drinking too much. If they can remember the first time that feeling ever hit them, even if only briefly. Since my early twenties, I’ve had many moments! But I remember my first moment clearly. It was on return from a holiday to Greece at 20 years old. I remember coming home and craving a drink like I’d never known before. I drove to the local shop and bought beers to drink at home, alone.

Drinking, Always Drinking

Ever since then, my life has been a series of alcohol related ups and downs. Sometimes I’m bad, drinking heavily, feeling unhappy and tired all the time. Sometimes I’m good, still tired, but only on the weekend. I would never (until recently) offer to be the designated driver, go to a party (or even to another person’s house in the evening) without drinking, go on holiday without drinking every single day, go to a bar and drink a soft drink…you get the idea!

I was a big drinker, a fast drinker, a lone drinker, someone who drinks to relax, to have fun, before dancing. I’ve injured myself drunk, vomited on new carpets, upset loved ones, embarrassed myself at work parties…I was addicted. And I knew it. And I beat myself up about it regularly. I felt like I was stuck drinking forever.

Health Conscious

The bizarre thing is that as an adult, I am so concerned about my health. I enjoy regular exercise, reading, eating healthy food, and generally trying to look after myself – so why never consider giving up booze? It was always there – the idea of it – lurking in my mind. And I think deep down, I have always known that to get off the roller coaster of ups and downs that alcohol has brought to my life, I must give it up completely, forever. And until recently, that thought was scary. I’d be missing out. I’d never have fun again.

Getting Naked

I was wrong to worry. I wanted to make that step, so I read This Naked Mind and I’m now currently 4 weeks without a drink, feeling stronger mentally, physically, feeling happier and more at ease. I’m sleeping better than I have in years, seeing clearly, relaxing more and enjoying people’s company more. They’re enjoying my company more too! We went to a tribute night on Friday that would normally fill me with dread without a drink. I drove us there and breezed through the evening, even dancing stone cold sober – and enjoying it!

I didn’t want to drink.

In fact, I was seeking out an interesting soft drink to try – there were none, so I stuck to lime and soda. The point is, my eyes feel like they are open for the first time in my adult life – I don’t need or want to drink!

Start Reading

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No Longer Stuck Drinking

My health is improving, my skin is clearer, my eyes are brighter. My workouts are more rewarding and I feel like I’m seeing new results that were probably impeded by my drinking. I’ve saved myself over 11,000 calories and £240 (based on 1 month sober). I’m awake, stress free and that nagging hatred for myself has disappeared! No longer am I stuck drinking.

Finding Joy

One thing that really stuck in my head when I was reading This Naked Mind was the idea of being a child (before alcohol) and feeling happy. Enjoying life, taking part and living life without it…and everything being OK. This idea is what has driven me to this point. I don’t want to drink again. Instead, I want to be free, like I was when I was a child. Truly, I believe that This Naked Mind has helped open my eyes to the possibilities and is driving me forward every day to new experiences minus alcohol. I have a holiday to Greece in September, where alcohol would normally be a driving force, and my brother-in-law’s wedding this weekend. I am not going to drink. Not through will power, but through choice – and without agenda.

Finally Free

I’m realizing that it’s possible to make this decision and still enjoy life! We’ve been conditioned to think that’s not true, but it is. I’m proof of that, as are all those like me who are choosing not to drink, because we believe we don’t need to and are better off without it. I’m making a promise to myself to carry on, take every day as it comes and keep driving forward. Thank you to This Naked Mind for helping me get to this point – a place I never thought I’d reach!

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