One of the hardest things in life are transitions. We can’t avoid them but most of us have difficulty in dealing with them. Stopping the drinking roller coaster can feel like a never ending transition as we navigate the ups and downs of stopping and starting to drink again.

stopping the drinking

This Is Important

One of the reasons we have trouble stopping the drinking roller coaster is because transitions come with emotions and we have grown accustomed to numbing those. Suddenly we’re being faced with all of these emotions we haven’t experienced in ages and we have no way to subdue them. This is important and these emotions need to be felt.

This Is Merely A Challenge, Not A Threat

You know that butterflies-in-your-stomach feeling you get as a roller coaster goes on it’s incline? We anticipate that and see it as a challenge, not a threat. This transition from drinker to non-drinker is the same. It’s not a threat, merely a challenge that you can anticipate and look forward to. You stood in line long enough waiting for the chance to take the ride, after all!

Good Will Come From This

For some reason we tend to equate transition and change with negative emotions but that could not be further from the truth. Good WILL come from this. Stopping the drinking roller coaster is a positive thing. Much like looking forward to all the thrill rides at an amusement park – life alcohol free is exhilarating. You come from living your life as a spectator, relying on others to tell you what happened to being in the forefront of the action.

Stopping The Drinking Rollercoaster

For many stopping the drinking rollercoaster starts with a book. Start reading the first 40 pages of This Naked Mind for free right now and learn more about how alcohol operates!

Don’t Ride Alone

We all know that riding a roller coaster by yourself isn’t really enjoyable. The same goes for getting off the drinking roller coaster. So make sure you have others with you to help you through the twists, turns and loops life may throw at you as you make it through the ride. Luckily, once you’re off this particular coaster you’ll have no desire to ever ride it again!

Get The Picture

You know how they always try to get you to buy a picture of your screaming face as you exit the ride? You should get the picture for this ride. Use visualization to help see how the challenging parts of the transition will go. Visualization can help picture what you can do to get through them. Once you’ve gotten the picture in your mind, you are well equipped to take the ride in real life as well.