Q&A – How To Stop Drinking Alone

It’s 5 o’clock somewhere. I deserve that glass of wine! I’m not hurting anyone drinking alone at home. I think I used every justification known to excuse my drinking alone. So what happens when you want to stop drinking alone? How do you convince yourself to give it up?

stop drinking alone

Cognitive Dissonance

I believe, and in fact my work and book is based on this premise, that you have an internal conflict that is responsible for the difficulty we have around both wanting to stop drinking / smoking and wanting to drink/ smoke at the same time. (This is cognitive dissonance in a nutshell.)

Most people are pretty aware that we have two different ways of thinking – conscious and unconscious (or subconscious)

Conscious – uses language and intentional thought. It is your conscious mind that is deciding that you would be better off and happier if you didn’t drink as much.

Your subconscious doesn’t use language. This is the part of the mind that keeps your heart beating you breathing etc. Stuff happens in this part of your mind without your being aware of it.

You may not know that your subconscious is responsible for your desires. Your desires come from conditioning – which we are constantly exposed to. For example you don’t just decide to fall in love. That happens below your conscious awareness.

The premise of This Naked Mind is that while you consciously want to make a change in your life (like to stop drinking alone) your far more powerful and controlling subconscious mind- which again is responsible for your desires – has not gotten that memo.

Forming Beliefs

It’s taken years for you to form these deeply ingrained beliefs that alcohol is vital to unwinding and relaxation. It takes specific and conscious effort to get to the bottom of why exactly you believe that. Once you do you can re-wire your thinking to where you no longer have this conflict between what you want to do (stop drinking alone) and what you want to do (have a drink).

When you expose – consciously – your thinking about alcohol very specific to the reasons you personally drink – you are able to think critically and doing so can change your desires.

Liminal Thinking

Without desire there is no temptation. Drinking alcohol suddenly sounds about as good as drinking motor oil and you feel incredible freedom.

You are no longer living in a battle as to limits, when to drink, how much to drink, should I drink, but you are able to happily leave it all behind.

In my book I use a specific technique called Liminal Thinking and Liminal points that allow you to uncover all of your subconscious conditioning and regain harmony between your conscious and subconscious desire around alcohol.

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Steps To Stop Drinking Alone

Not everyone who goes through the process can completely stop drinking alone, but most do come to a place of peace in their relationship with alcohol – which for many, like myself, means that drinking loses its luster and is no longer desirable – so I just don’t drink at all.

The first step is to write a list of every reason you drink and what you think you get from drinking. This list will be your guide as you go through and examine if these reasons are really true.

The bottom line is that, like most things that have been ingrained in us since childhood, we believe in alcohol without question, like we believe the sky is blue.

Changing Beliefs

Through the Naked Mind liminal thinking method, you think critically about your deeply-held beliefs about alcohol and strip away those that are false.

This will convince the all-powerful unconscious mind and allow harmony and agreement between your conscious and unconscious minds. The result is the ability to choose when (and if) alcohol plays a part in your life without the illogical subconscious cravings.

Continuing On

It’s important to work through all of your beliefs and experiences in order to really be able to stop drinking alone and start enjoying life for what it is. I can promise you that once you do you’ll experience a freedom and happiness that you never realized was possible.