3 Fast and Easy Ways to Stick to Your Decisions

Do you ever feel like you have a hard time committing to your choices? Do you keep racking up day ones or putting off pursuing that next big goal? There are tricks to help you stick to your decisions and I’m going to share the top three here!


Go With Your Gut

There’s a reason that going against what feels right intuitively makes you feel physically unwell. It turns out that making emotional or feeling-focused decisions actually makes you more likely to stick to your decisions. So when you do something that goes against your gut, your body starts throwing up every warning sign it can. We’re programmed to stand by our decisions even more strongly when we make them based upon what feels right to us – even if it goes against what logic would dictate. Reich, the researcher in the study goes, on to say, “People need to know that the way in which they arrive at a decision has these consequences for how they actually live with the decision. If we face choices that are very important to us, that we want to protect, then we should probably go with our gut rather than deliberate.”

Make It Measurable

When it is hard to stick to our decisions it could mean we are overwhelmed by the scope of our commitment. Breaking that decision or commitment down into small, measurable steps can scale down the magnitude of our choice. This makes it much easier to see it as achievable!

Rather than focusing on the big decision – make micro-commitments. You can use an app like Productive to track your micro-commitments. This app is really helpful because it allows you to have a list of your micro-commitments and see your success. When you (and your behaviors) are being measured, it increases the likelihood that you will stick to your decisions. Who doesn’t like seeing their successes stack up?

Start Reading About How to Stick to Your Decisions

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Take Action

Indecision is the ultimate blocker when it comes to sticking with your decisions. You know what I mean. It’s waiting for the right time to do something. Or the right sign, the right mood. We all have a million ways to keep from doing things. All of us truly only do the things that we want to. So, in order to stick with a decision, we need to want it and to just do it. Once that choice is in motion, it becomes much easier to stick with it. Whether it’s stopping drinking, an exercise plan, meditating, or anything else – you can’t stick with it if you never start it.

Bonus Tip!!

One of the best resources I have found for sticking with decisions is to find others who are navigating the same choices I am. From business and relationships to parenting and exercise, I actively seek out and join groups that are focused on connecting me with others like me (along with experts on the subject) to help. If you’re looking to find a group that offers support with change, along with daily coaching and other resources – check out The PATH. You can try it risk-free for 14 days!