The Steps to Emotional Sobriety – Janine’s Naked Life

Janine used to believe that alcohol was the key to happiness. It was the life of every party, the social lubricant that made her feel invincible. Little did she know that it would become a burden that would weigh her down for decades. Today, Janine shares her story of transformation, the journey from being a party girl to finding emotional sobriety, and the pivotal role This Naked Mind played in this remarkable shift.

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Emotional Sobriety: The Turning Point

As far back as I can consciously remember, alcohol was a prevalent force in my life. Both my parents were over-users and addicted, and I witnessed the chaos and pain that alcohol brought into our home. It was the soundtrack to their fights and the backdrop to my childhood. When the family split, I ended up living far away from my father and brothers, both emotionally and physically. My mother succumbed to alcohol at the age of 73, leaving me with unspoken words and unshared emotions.

I began my own journey with alcohol at the tender age of 15, and it quickly became a crutch. But instead of becoming the ‘clean and clear’ girl after witnessing the consequences of alcohol abuse in my family, I spiraled out of control. I suppressed emotions, battled suicidal thoughts, and played roles of a victim, martyr, controller, and runaway. All of this was concealed beneath a facade of people-pleasing.

Alcohol had taken over my life, and I needed to regain control.

The Struggle for Control

I attempted to control my drinking multiple times. I started with small steps, telling myself not to drink on Mondays, but soon enough, the weekend encompassed not only Friday and Saturday but also Sunday. I’d challenge myself to abstain for a week, but Thursday eventually found its way into the ‘weekend’ category. It was a relentless internal battle between what I wanted and what I needed, a constant struggle to avoid becoming like my parents.

That’s when I stumbled upon Annie Grace’s programs.

Discovering This Naked Mind

Online, I came across Annie Grace’s promotion for The Alcohol Experiment. Intrigued, I researched her further and purchased her book, “This Naked Mind.” Annie’s teachings began to unveil the facts about alcohol, and it was eye-opening. I had already abstained from alcohol for about three weeks before starting her 30-day experiment, and I can proudly say that was over three years ago.

Start Reading

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Annie’s resources provided me with a new perspective on alcohol, highlighting that the beliefs we cling to are just that – beliefs, often limiting ones. This newfound knowledge was the catalyst for my transformation.

Embracing Emotional Sobriety

Today, my life has undergone a remarkable transformation. I am physically clean and sober, and I have built stronger relationships with my daughters. I recently became a Hypnotherapist with a passion for helping others say no to alcohol so they can live life to the fullest. My journey towards emotional sobriety has led me to speak openly about my experiences and guide others on their paths.

I’ve established a Facebook group where I frequently reference Annie’s work. As an Integrative Health Coach specializing in empowerment and play, I confidently direct my clients to Annie and her resources whenever they face challenges with alcohol.

In the future, I’m excited about continuing to live a sober life filled with joy and purpose. I’m eager to inspire others through my choices and actions. I’m even hosting my first World Summit, and I dream of having Annie as one of my expert guests. My focus now is on emotional sobriety—a lifelong journey towards true freedom.

Words of Wisdom

emotional sobriety - janine's naked life - back view of a woman dressed in white with her arms outstretched - quote - you don't need approval from anyone ... find out what you really want in life, make quick decisions and go for it yourself

If I could go back and talk to my younger self, I’d say, “Don’t listen to others. You don’t need approval from anyone. Discover what you truly want in life, make quick decisions, and go for it, girl!” It’s a mantra I’ve adopted, a reminder that I’ve posted on my mirror to inspire me every day.

Share Your Story

Are you on the path to emotional sobriety thanks to This Naked Mind? Whether it was through the booksthe apppodcasts, or another TNM program, we want to hear your story. Share your experiences here and inspire others who are embarking on their own transformative path. Together, we can achieve emotional sobriety and embrace a life of freedom and joy.