7 Amazing Tips To Stay Alcohol-Free Through The Holiday Season

If you gave up alcohol during the pandemic this could be the first holiday season that you’re going to be taking part in all the festivities without a drink in your hand. This season can be fraught with triggers – family, social pressure, stress, and so on. You might not believe me but the holiday season holds less stress, less drama, and less anxiety when you are alcohol-free. These tips can help you to not only stay alcohol-free through the holiday season but enjoy yourself as well!

How To Stay Alcohol-Free Through The Holiday Season

How To Stay Alcohol-Free Through The Holiday Season

1 – Choose Wisely

Do not feel obligated to turn up at every event that you receive an invitation to. If the idea of attending an event instantly triggers you – listen to the message your brain is sending you. Send your regrets to that family, friend, or even your boss and decline. You can always send a gift or offer to meet up for breakfast or another occasion of your choosing instead.

2 – Be Fashionably Late To Stay Alcohol-Free Through The Holiday Season

Most drinking tends to happen while people are arriving and events are just getting going. Avoid that downtime by planning your arrival around this window. You can breeze in and get right to business. Make sure to stop by the bar on your way in to grab your mocktail so you can avoid the awkwardness of placing your drink order at the table with an audience as well.

3 – If You Can’t Be Late, Be Brief

I actually stopped drinking right in the middle of December – at the height of the holiday festivities. The best trick I learned to stay alcohol-free through the holiday season was to make my appearances at events short and sweet. Claim your celebrity status and just make a cameo! Everyone knows how busy this season can be so drop-in, make sure you’re seen by the “right people” and make your exit.

4 – Try Something New

If you have traditions that tend to be booze-filled, feel free to create new ones! We all love coming across a new recipe and testing it out. Consider these new life recipes that you get to spice up and adapt to your improved way of life!

5 – Fill Your Toolbox

We all need help sometimes. Having a toolbox or first-aid kit to help you stay alcohol-free through the holiday season could be just the lifeline you need. Fill it with coping techniques, your favorite podcasts, books, NA drink recipes – whatever you need!

6 – Superior Support

Support is crucial when it comes to staying alcohol-free. If you’re feeling alone and wondering if there’s anyone else navigating this time of year sans alcohol – join us in The Alcohol Experiment. This free app offers daily emails and videos to help you stay alcohol-free along with a supportive community at your fingertips! Join us!

7 – Prepare A Plan

Visualization should be part of the toolbox we mentioned before. Use that tool to run through the occasion in your mind. Identify any triggers or stumbling blocks you might come across and decide how you will handle yourself and the situation. What will your response be to nosy people? What will you order? Do you know what time you plan on leaving? Is there somewhere where you can step away to take a break? The better prepared you are the easier the night will be.

How Do You Stay Alcohol-Free Through The Holiday Season?

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