Spring – it’s a time where we are wired to throw open the windows, toss back the curtains, and refresh our homes. Nature seems to do the same with all those April showers it brings. Personally, I like to tackle spring cleaning for the soul during this time too.
Spring Cleaning For The Soul

Out With The Old

One of my favorite parts of spring cleaning is purging. It feels so good to shed all the old stuff. Garbage bag after garbage bag gets chucked out with all of the stuff that is old, broken, or just no longer serves us. Spring cleaning for the soul can do the same thing. Toss the beliefs that hold you back from happiness, health and inner peace. Let go of the past failures and bad experiences you’re hoarding as proof that you’re doomed to fail again.

In With The New

Just as spring comes with new fashions in the stores, you need to open your mind to new beliefs. You can’t just toss the old beliefs without opening yourself up to new truths. That means putting the work in to heal your soul. For me, that means researching the reasons I am struggling and uncovering everything I can about it. Scientific studies, books, blogs – I want my soul and mind to have all the information it needs to find that peace.


Spring cleaning is also about replacing. Shower curtains, old towels, kitchenware – they all need to be replaced eventually. Our beliefs are centered around our experiences, so those need to be replaced as well. Attend that backyard get together and break the association that you need alcohol in order to socialize or enjoy it. If you’re a fixer, replace the belief that you’re responsible for someone else’s happiness or success. Make your soul a safe and comfortable place for you.

Start Reading

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Spring Cleaning For The Soul

It might sound cliche and new age, but I think we can all use some time to clean our soul each year. Negativity creeps in so easily, that finding the time to be present, reflect and rejuvenate our soul can be so vital to our health and happiness. Take the time to be present with your thoughts, beliefs and experiences. Reflect on them and decide which ones are holding you back. Toss them out the window, clear off the grime, and allow the sunlight to filter through and warm you.