Sobriety is My Superpower

I pondered my drinking habits awhile before I decided to say goodbye to booze forever.

Before Discovering Sobriety is My Superpower

At special events like concerts or weddings I almost always drank because I thought it was essential to having a good time. Our culture is obsessed with alcohol. It seemed like everyone around me was drinking to have a good time and I didn’t want to miss the fun. Sometimes I wondered if my drinking was becoming problematic so I moderated. I would tell myself: no drinking during the week only on weekends, no booze for 30 days, only two drinks at this event, etc. I was becoming sober curious but was never ready to fully commit to sobriety. At this point I found moderating my drinking to be annoying so I often went back to my old habits.

I was in conflict with myself. I wanted to drink less and more at the same time.

My Last Drink

I didn’t plan it at the time but May 25, 2018 was the last time I drank alcohol. I woke up the next morning, hungover and embarrassed and declared, “I’m done.”. To be honest I was scared that morning. I had planned to moderate my drinking the night before and had failed to stop after the couple of drinks I had allowed myself. Feeling like I was on a train about to crash and knowing I needed to get off. I felt powerless over alcohol. I needed to make a huge change.

This Naked Mind

Author Annie Grace states in her book This Naked Mind, “change often occurs when the pain of the current situation becomes so great you become willing to change without fully understanding what the future holds.” Her book changed my life. I learned so much about alcohol and how it can become impossible to control. The subtitle of her book reads, Find Freedom, Discover Happiness & Change Your Life and that’s exactly what I did.

Start Reading

Could sobriety be your superpower? Start reading This Naked Mind for free now and unlock your powers!

Since choosing to give alcohol the boot two years ago I discovered that sobriety has given me everything alcohol had promised (i.e. confidence, stress relief, improved mood, freedom and happiness). Sobriety is my superpower.

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