Sober NOT Boring with Carly Benson – This Naked Mind Live 2019

Carly Benson has a mission. She wants everyone to know she’s sober not boring. She’ll be sharing how she lives that message every day at This Naked Mind Live 2019!
sober not boring

Sober NOT Boring

I first *met* Carly online in 2017. She came across one of my social media feeds and I immediately started following her – and soaking up every word she said. 

Carly has one core message: 

Sober NOT Boring

And although I never really enjoyed dance clubs (drunk or not), I am in awe to watch Carly navigate the dance-party scene – in Las Vegas of all places – with a huge smile, having the time of her life, and never drinking a drop of alcohol. 

In fact, it has been more than 10 YEARS since Carly had a drink and she reports being happier and having more fun than ever!

This Naked Mind Podcast

I immediately reached out and invited Carly to join me on This Naked Mind Podcast. We hit it off from the start and I knew that this beautiful woman has a powerful message to share. 

Here is the thing… 

It can be so easy, once we take on a new identity (like being a non-drinker) to immediately surround ourselves with people who are like us.

And there is nothing wrong with that. In fact, I think one of the main reasons you should join me at This Naked Mind LIVE 2019 is to have an incredible social experience without alcohol.

But there comes a time when the world needs to hear our voice. To see that life can be fun (even more fun!) without alcohol. 


And so when I see Carly at a rave in Las Vegas, or an all day pool-side ‘Dayger’ (that’s like a rager but during the day) sipping on her club soda, I get chills. 


Because I know that by example, By having the most fun herself, By following her passion for the music and dance scene, She is creating powerful waves. 

….she is making it just a little more normal and less stigmatized not to drink

…she, just by showing up, is making it safe for others to question their own drinking

….she is a shining example of the indelible truth: life is fun. It’s not the alcohol that is fun (that’s just some chemical confusion in the brain). It is LIFE that is incredibly fun.

Hear the message

Carly has doubled down on who she is. Living her best, and most authentic life, right in the heart of Las Vegas. By doing that, I am certain the impact she is having, impact that she may never know about, is immense. 

I can’t tell you what an honor it is to welcome Carly Benson back to the stage at This Naked Mind LIVE 2019

I hope you join us live to be touched by Carly, and to allow the happiness, fun and joy she shares to go to work in your life and on your tightly held-subconscious beliefs about alcohol. 

Join us for this powerful once-in-a-lifetime experience. 

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