Sober Bliss Meets Annie Grace of This Naked Mind by Sober Bliss • A podcast on Anchor

Gayle from Sober Bliss puts Annie in the spotlight and gives her the chance to share her story. Annie tells all – from her corporate days of drinking to how This Naked Mind came to be. Annie holds nothing back as she walks us through the last five years of her life and business.

Sober Bliss

Sober Bliss meets Annie Grace, creator of This Naked Mind. In this inspiring interview Annie shares her story. We talk about why understanding what alcohol is is the key to finding freedom from alcohol. Discover what three things Annie does to avoid overwhelm and maintain balance. Finally, find out what is next for This Naked Mind.

Gayle is a mom, teacher and addiction therapist, living a life of Sober Bliss. Her passion is helping women to quit drinking and live their best life without alcohol holding them back.

The Sober Bliss Podcast is a collection of inspiring interviews, chats and talks with amazing people all on their own journey to sobriety. I invite you to get comfy, grab a cuppa and listen to these wonderful conversations about just how much life there is on the others ide of drinking.

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