Seeing Is Believing – Mindfulness In Addiction

It’s easy to say that our resolve not to drink is steadfast – it’s another to have it tested.┬áVisualization and intention can be your most valuable tool when dealing with challenging situations.
mindfulness in addiction


The first step when facing a challenging situation is awareness. You need to be most vigilant about what situations might be testing grounds for you so that you can develop the coping skills to get through them. You’d be amazed at how many times I hear stories of giving in to triggers or cravings simply because one was caught unaware.


Visualization can easily be the most powerful and effective tool when it comes to mindfulness in addiction. It has saved me many times. This is going to sound cheesy, but it works. Prior to any situation that can be challenging – visualize it. Visualize walking into the room, who you will speak to, and where the bar might be. Visualize all of it, along with how you will act and react. Visualization creates experiences in your brain that are stored in the same way as actual physical memories, so you are giving yourself the means to cope with that challenging situation long before you actually experience it.


Your other hidden secret when it comes to mindfulness in addiction is intention. Approach every challenging situation with a plan. For me, that’s usually ‘what are the three main things that need to happen before I can leave and head to safety’. I know what my expectations are and if I have checked them off my list, I have permission to leave. Knowing what your intentions are is like your personal GPS unit for challenges. Even detours can be overcome when you know what the plan is.

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Mindfulness In Addiction

Visualization and intention aren’t just buzz words when it comes to using mindfulness in addiction. Everyone from professional athletes to award winning actors swear by using these methods in order to be successful. Our brain doesn’t differentiate between a visualized experience and a physical one. By combining that trick with positive intentions, we’re able to equip both the brain and body to overcome the fight or flight response that tends to creep in when we are faced with an obstacle. Instead, our brain can say – ‘we’ve got this’. It will revert to the plan you created, which is coupled with the visualization you also provided. Mindfulness in addiction can get you through almost anything!