The One Secret To Unlock Happiness

Happiness – isn’t that what we all want? There is a secret to unlock happiness and I’m going to share it with you today. It takes no special tools, money, or extra effort. In fact, it’s really not about what you do that will unlock happiness. It is about what you stop doing.


“Happiness is equal to reality minus expectations”

Tom Magliozzi

Do This To Unlock Happiness

We can all agree that all of us have more than enough on our to do list. The list of obligations and expectations can easily overwhelm us all. I’m not going to add to that. In fact, in order to unlock happiness, I’m going to do the opposite. I’m going to say just let it go. Channel your inner Elsa and just – LET IT GO.

Letting Go of Expectations

Over and over again, when I let go of my expectations – or my mental stories of how something should be (or what I should have achieved) – I find so much more peace and happiness. I will say that not having expectations does not mean that you don’t wish for or anticipate great things – it just means that you don’t expect or feel entitled to them, and that you are at peace and accepting of however things go.

Join Us To Unlock Happiness

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The Gift of Now

How is it that we can unlock happiness by letting go of expectations? You give yourself the gift of now. You’re not comparing what you expected things to be with the reality of now. You’re not let down or disappointed by expectations that didn’t come to fruition. Instead, you are present, in the moment, and able to give the experience – whatever it is – your full attention. Life becomes something full of wonder and surprises because your preconceived notions are no longer battling with reality.

Mindset Shift

I know I talk about mindset shifts often but they really are incredibly empowering. When we shift from living with expectation to living in reality another amazing thing happens. Life stops happening to us. We stop feeling as if the hits just keep coming because reality is no longer competing with the fantasies we’ve established in our minds. How often have you felt disappointed by a vacation, a person, a job, etc. all because they failed to meet up with your expectations? Sure, it’s a great feeling when something exceeds our expectations but that elation is a rare feeling when we live with an expectations mindset. Letting go of expectations will unlock happiness and make that elation a regular occurrence.

When we stop letting expectations rule us we allow ourselves to be pleasantly surprised with how many gifts the world brings us on a regular basis. Letting go of expectations means letting in the beauty and wonder that surround us. It means embracing simple joys, small victories, and all that is right and pure.