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Adela made 2020 the year she would be reducing her alcohol intake. This Naked Mind and The Alcohol Experiment became invaluable tools on that journey.

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One of the key things I have taken from Annie Grace and The Alcohol Experiment is to do everything at least once without drink. At the beginning of this year, I decided to give myself at least three months off alcohol. I had read this was the minimum amount to attempt to break any kind of habit. I had abstained for a month a few times before but it had never ended in anything life altering. This time I wanted to see what reducing my alcohol intake for a longer period of time would do.

Toxic Relationship

My relationship with alcohol had become toxic, a familiar tale for many. I had been drinking for over 30 years and accepted it as my natural way of life. It now permeated everything I did, good or bad. I used it to enhance every experience, even when it had stopped doing that job years ago.

The Experiment

Annie’s approach is methodical and relatable. Most importantly it isn’t about making grand statements like ‘I’m quitting drink forever’ because for me that would have been a recipe for disaster. I managed 4 months off, but then like she does on her video after three months, I did then drink. I wasn’t brave enough to drink alone and on camera like she was. Instead, I did drink with friends but it ruined my day after having already experienced many great sober days with the same friends. This was an eye opener for me. An indication that 4 months had been enough to see a turning point.

Committed to Reducing Alcohol Intake

I then took another 30 days off, because I could and it was now very easy, unlike the first 30 days on my journey, and so the building blocks began. I also didn’t sink into a world of failure after having given into drink. This another one of Annie’s gems of wisdom to not beat ourselves up over hiccups because change does not happen overnight. Experience is what helps us change, good or bad.

In Control

For me, Annie gives you a platform to choose how your future relationship with alcohol might look, without judgement. This outlook may lead me to one day give it up completely. Who knows where this could go, but for now this breathing space has got me to 7 months. In this time I have gone from binge drinking three times a week and thinking about drink every other day I wasn’t drinking, to a 95% reduction in my drinking habit which I already view as vastly under control. I now choose to drink or not drink. Before I felt I had no choice. This is progress for sure. I am no longer scared of drink or drinking environments because I now call the shots.

Worried About Your Alcohol Intake?

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No Longer Habitual

I have drunk 11 times in 7 months and I know exactly what I consumed on every occasion. I chose to drink every time, I often chose not to drink too at drinking events. Before alcohol for me was like showering or eating, it was habitual. Now thanks to Annie it is a mindful activity. I have all the facts surrounding it thanks to her informative and easy to follow course. Now I know why I do it rather than just using it to temporarily fix daily wounds.

Making Alcohol Irrelevant

Having now been out to bars, restaurants, family get togethers and dinner parties, (pre-pandemic of course), and even holidayed whilst mainly sober I can honestly say I have seen the other side, where booze as Annie says consistently is ‘irrelevant’ in my life. In fact having started this journey before Covid hit and continued on it despite the horror of it all I can categorically say ‘not’ drinking saved me. From home schooling to three months of ‘Ground Hog’ day, if I had hit the bottle to cope in my usual way, I would have found an already challenging situation overwhelming. For drink does not change the facts of the circumstances you are in and that is the brutal truth.


When you choose not to drink you choose to see the world and your life in a new refreshing way and you achieve a whole new purpose. Plus my overactive anxiety has completely vanished, that in itself is life changing. When you choose to stop giving alcohol such an accolade in life, an all fulfilling, perfect tool for making everything right and you see it for what it actually is, a toxic mind altering drug, then you become empowered.

With control over one’s life anything is possible.

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