Here we are halfway through January and many of us have successfully put off working towards our goals for the new year for half the month. At least we are managing to be successful at procrastination, right? The thing about making changes in life is that we need to be ready for change. What is the litmus test for being ready for change? Is there a hidden secret for getting there?


Why Start Today What You Can Put Off Until Tomorrow

Tomorrow, Tomorrow – it isn’t just a song from a musical. It’s also when we keep telling ourselves we will start making changes – because it’s always just a day away – right? Often we put off making changes because we’ve convinced ourselves that the entire process for change is going to be a long drawn out battle and who looks forward to that?

Yet, if you read my blog last week – you know that to be ready for change it can be as easy as 3…2…1 – GO! And in that instant you’ve taken off for change. The hardest part of the journey is often all the time we waste waiting for tomorrow.

How To Be Ready For Change

There are actually three simple steps that can aid you in your quest to be ready for change. I say simple but they will take some mental work on your part.

1) Believe that something must change.

If there’s nothing about the status quo that is making you uncomfortable, chances are you won’t be very motivated to change it. It could be that whatever you’re trying to change is causing you pain in some way or that you know a change would bring you greater happiness or enjoyment from life.

Look at where you are right now in regard to what you’re seeking to change – what if it was to stay the same for the next year? The next three years? What about the next 10 years? What will life look like if nothing changes? Are you comfortable with that?

Only You Can Make The Changes

2) The only person capable of changing your life is you.

You can hire life coaches, personal trainers, experts, and the whole gamut but, when it comes down to it, the responsibility for change lies within us. We might not be fully responsible for how or why we got to the place we are today but where we go from here is entirely up to us.

Change Is Possible

3) You CAN Change

There is not a single being on this earth who cannot change. In fact, take a minute to reflect upon how many times in life you have already been successful at change. This time will be no different – you just need to put in the work in order to be ready to change. It all begins with you and believing in yourself. Not only are you capable of change – you are also worthy of it!

Get Ready For Change

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Share Your Changes

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