Practicing Self-Care To Overcome Addiction

We often say that you need a toolbox when it comes to overcoming addiction. Your own arsenal of proven things that help you to stay free of substances. What I didn’t realize, was that the toolbox was all about self-care. Practicing self-care to overcome addiction isn’t really that outlandish. It’s about finally putting yourself first after years of neglect!


Mental Health and Addiction

It’s no secret that addiction and mental health are intimately linked. For many of us, alcohol was used to self-medicate. We were treating our depression, anxiety, PTSD or another condition with alcohol. Now that we’ve removed the alcohol, we really need to protect and nurture our mental health. There are many ways to do that. The simplest ways are making sure you’re not creating unnecessary stress. Don’t skip meals, get enough sleep, and make sure you have connection – spending time with people you love.

Be Thankful

I know. You’re thinking – “Annie, why would I be thankful for this?” Practicing gratitude is so amazing for your mental health though. Think about what this experience has taught you and express gratitude for that. Spend some time meditating daily to push out any negative thoughts that are taking up space and give thanks for all the positive that has now come into your life. You’re setting the mental tone that will sustain us.

Start Living

One of the best ways you can start practicing self-care to overcome addiction, is by just getting out there and living. There are so many things that our addictions held us back from doing. Now we have the freedom to pursue them, as there is nothing stopping us any longer. How amazing is that? So will you become a marathon runner? A sky diver? An author? What passion can you now pursue?

Read About It

There are more things in your toolbox than just practicing self-care to overcome addiction? You can start reading This Naked Mind for free today to discover what else is in there!

Reach Out

One of the hardest things to learn to do after addiction is to reach out. We are so used to isolating ourselves, that we instinctively withdraw instead of reaching out when things get hard. If you’re dedicated to practicing self-care, then you need to also practice reaching out for support from others rather than becoming an island when times are tough.

Practicing self-care to overcome addiction

Practicing self-care to overcome addiction isn’t just new age talk. It’s about equipping that toolbox to keep you from falling back into a lifestyle that tore you down rather than building you up. This job is about new construction – not demolition!

Tell me what tools have been your most important since becoming alcohol free!


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