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Bestselling author Annie Grace invites you to explore the role of alcohol in our lives and culture without rules, pain, or judgment. Join Annie and hundreds of others as they share their real, honest and open stories about the role of alcohol in their lives and how they found their freedom and regained control.

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EP 502: Reader Question – How do I ignore alcohol-positive media?

We live in an alcohol-saturated world – So is it even possible to ignore alcohol-positive media? Find out which two things we can start doing today to shift our attention in a

EP 501: The Manic Episodes with Mary Lambert and Wyatt Hermansen

Tune in for Annie’s interview on The Manic Episodes podcast with Mary Lambert and Wyatt Hermansen. They discuss an array of topics from: how the conversation about alcohol has shifted in our

EP 500: Reader Question – How can I stop judging people who still drink?

After finding freedom from alcohol, it can be tempting to begin judging people who still choose to drink.  In this reader question, Annie shares the most powerful way to make an impact

EP 499: Naked Life Story – Kim & Evan

Kim’s drinking left her at the bottom of a dark pit with seemingly no escape. Until her husband helped pull her out of the depths, and joined her on a journey of

EP 498: Reader Question – Using alcohol to deal with depression

The first few weeks of your alcohol-free journey may result in dealing with feelings of depression.  Join Annie as she helps us better understand what your brain is going through in those first

EP 497: Naked Life Story – Laurel

Laurel never thought alcohol was a problem for her, she just wanted to quit blacking out from her nights of drinking.  Find out how This Naked Mind podcast helped her realize that

EP 496: Coaching Questions with Scott Pinyard

In this month’s coaching questions, This Naked Mind head coach Scott Pinyard welcomes TNM coach Dr. Ginny Trierweiler. Dr. Ginny’s niche is helping women over the age of 40 who find their

EP 495: Naked Life Story – Peggi

Peggi found herself turning to alcohol to deal with the powerlessness she felt from her career in social work. When the change she was seeking in the world began to negatively affecting

EP 494: Reader Question – How To Stop Drinking At Home Alone

When you’ve decided to cut back on your drinking, being at home alone can be very triggering if you’re surrounded by temptation. Join Annie as she explains two tips for diminishing triggers