How To Party Like A Rock Star – Without Alcohol

Society loves to tell us that the only way to have fun socially is by drinking alcohol. It’s in print, the movies, and even on the radio. Brad Paisley has a song that discusses all of the fun that he had with his best friend – “Alcohol”. So it’s impossible to have a good time without drinking alcohol, right? Not true! We’re here to share all of the fun and sometimes silly ways you can party like a rock star – without alcohol!

party without alcohol

You can be a party animal – without alcohol!

Think back to the activities that brought you the most fun as a child. Those places are usually a good place to start when you’re looking to have fun without alcohol being involved. Our favorite ways to party like a rock star involve music and being active. Physical activity releases all sorts of feel-good hormones!

Go Rollerskating. Go Ice skating. Try Cosmic Bowling.

I’ll bet that you think that it was the alcohol that made you feel good when you’d go out dancing with your friends. What if I told you it was actually the dancing? Dancing releases the same hormones that alcohol can –  serotonin, epinephrine, endorphins, and dopamine. So try boogieing down without alcohol, or if you’d rather be in an environment that doesn’t serve alcohol at all strap on a pair of roller skates and see if you can still limbo with the best of them. You will be amazed at how much fun you have and how good it makes you feel without taking a single drink.

Throw Your Own Party

A guaranteed way to make sure you can party without alcohol is to throw your own party! What is something you’re good at or that you enjoy doing? Make that your theme! Are you a foodie? Throw a dinner party and remind guests to only bring themselves. Do you love adventure and adrenaline? How about having a party with friends at the local zip-lining or trampoline park. Having fun doesn’t have to be synonymous with drinking alcohol. It’s much more about reprogramming your unconscious mind to realize that alcohol is no longer the answer.

Drink Mocktails

If you feel confident in your ability to be around alcohol while going without then go party with your friends! Any bartender worth his weight should be able to whip up some amazing “mocktails“! Do you remember how amazing a virgin frozen daiquiri tasted when you were a kid? They are still just as good! So go ahead and enjoy that concert or hit that nightclub. Your social life doesn’t end when you start going without alcohol. It just changes to fit the new you.

Enjoy life and embrace it!

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