The One Reason You Can’t Stop Drinking

Often when we make the decision to stop drinking we tend to over complicate things. We consult every program, book, app, video, and resource we can find. We read, research, and hope that something will force us to change. Yet for many of us, it seems as if no matter what we do we always go back. When it comes down to it, there’s just one reason you can’t stop drinking!

reason you can't stop drinking

It’s Simple

When it comes down to it the reason you can’t stop drinking is actually pretty simple. Despite all the reading, listening, and watching you’ve done up to this point, somewhere in your brain you’re still holding onto the belief that alcohol still holds some benefits. Even though you’ve told yourself you hate drinking and that it’s something you no longer want, subconsciously that hasn’t broken through all the way.

Be Observant

The best way to figure out where this belief is stemming from is to be observant. As you go through your daily life pay attention to when you’re triggered to drink. Write down all the situations that lead you to think “I need a drink!”. Do this without guilt or shame – just a healthy curiosity. This isn’t about blame, it’s about being a scientist and proving your hypothesis that alcohol helps these situations wrong.

Test Your Theories

So once you’ve found those hidden beliefs you are holding onto, it’s time to test and disprove them. This involves some work. I like to use lists to do this but you may find something else to work – a vlog, chart, journal, or even a drawing. Take the beliefs that lead you to drink and break them down. Write down how you’re feeling at the time, what you hope to get by drinking, and how alcohol actually makes you feel not just while you’re drinking but also the next day or several days after.

Once again, this isn’t about guilt or shaming yourself. It’s merely a chance to take a scientific look at your theory and see if there’s any truth to the benefits you perceive.

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