On Drinking Less in the Most Stressful Year Imaginable

At the very beginning of the Great Quarantine, I, like most sane people, was feeling stressed out, anxious, and more than a little uncertain about the future. On the first day of lockdown, at around three in the afternoon, I went to my liquor cart, poured myself three fingers of Japanese whisky, and started calling all of my closest friends. Then I poured another. And another. And another. By bedtime I had chattered to everyone in my favorites list and ripped through a bottle of Hibiki 21. For a brief, shining couple of hours I felt pretty good. This wouldn’t be so bad. Naturally, the next morning I rolled out of bed feeling like someone had tap danced on my head wearing golf cleats. Never again. I swore to myself. Never again.

Explore Sobriety

For those who want to explore sobriety or thinking about drinking less, there are almost countless resources online. Facebook has multiple groups like Hip Sobriety that help everyone from recovering addicts to the newly sober-curious. “I’d recommend reading The Naked Mind by Annie Grace,” says Warrington. “And The Biology of Desire by Marc David Lewis if you want a really brainy book.”

Thinking About Drinking Less?

If you’re curious about drinking less, The Alcohol Experiment is a great place to start. Join us for a 30 day alcohol free reset where you decide what role alcohol will play in your life in the future.

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