I used to think all of the wine mom meme’s were hysterical. I truly felt that after a day filled with work, screaming kids and the stresses of life, I not only deserved a glass (or bottle) of wine – I had earned it. Not anymore though. I’m not a wine mom. I won’t be one and I won’t encourage it. Here’s why –

not a wine mom

My Health

The first reason I’m not a wine mom is my health. I want to be here a long time with my kids. Drinking alcohol is a sure-fire way to shorten my time on earth. From cancer and cardiovascular disease to fatty liver and more – being a wine mom means being a sick mom and that’s not ok with me. Also – my mental health. My wine drinking fueled the anxiety and depression that plagued me for years. It’s hard to be at the top of my mom game when I’m feeling lower than low. When I ditched the wine, the anxiety and depression soon left as well.

My Friends

I want to be someone my friends can count on and turn to when needed. I want true, meaningful friendships. A friendship that only shares a mutual addiction to wine can’t provide anything meaningful for either one of us. Also because I love my friends, I want them to be healthy and around to chat with for a long time. That’s why I’m not sharing a glass of wine with them any longer. Instead you’ll find me having kombucha!

My Kids

This one is pretty obvious, right? I want to model the type of behavior I’d like my kids to exhibit. So instead of them seeing me drinking wine and numbing myself nightly, they see me going for a hike when I’m stressed out. I’m able to connect with them and talk about why I am having a hard day. Not only are they learning to talk about their feelings but they are also learning about healthy ways to cope with them.


Personally, I think it’s pretty badass to go against the grain sometimes. When I can say I’m not a wine mom, I am rejecting what society and culture says I should be doing. Instead of pairing Merlot with meals, you can find me practicing taekwondo instead. No one has needed my mad ninja skills yet, but one day…

Start Reading

Many of the reasons I’m not a wine mom are covered in This Naked Mind. You can start reading the book today!

Starting A Revolution

I’m not a wine mom because I’m starting a revolution with This Naked Mind and with The Alcohol Experiment. I’m making it normal to reward ourselves with self-care that is nourishing – mindfulness, meditation, real food, deep conversations, belly laughs, hikes in the woods, etc. My self-care leaves me feeling better the next day, not worse.

Why Are You Not A Wine Mom?

Share with me why you’re not a wine mom in the comments below or drop me a note at [email protected].