It’s a new year, a new decade and a new start. If you’re thinking new year, new me – you have the right mind set! I, too, am looking ahead to having a new year with a new me – 366 days to make small changes each day that will ultimately take me to my goals.


New Year, New Me

The single most important factor in ushering in not just a new year, but also a new me, starts with my mindset. I have changes to make and the first change begins with my thinking – towards myself and towards the goals I’m working towards. When I decided to leave alcohol behind back in 2013, I quickly learned that what I was thinking about the journey that was ahead of me and how I spoke to myself about it, had the single greatest impact on my success.

Key Takeaway – Be positive. Take on an attitude of excitement for what lies ahead and make sure to speak to yourself kindly and with encouragement!

What Do You Know About It?

If you’re going to be successful at making changes, you need to know what you’re doing. When I wanted to heal my back pain, I read a book about it. When I wanted to stop drinking, I dove into a year of research on it. Now, no matter what it is I’m taking on – my first step is always to educate myself on it. Knowledge in empowering. By getting the facts and science behind why we do the things we do and the effect it has on us, it’s easier to approach the change in a logical fashion.

Key Takeaway – Do your research. The more you know, the more successful you can be.

Use Your Fear For Good

Fear isn’t always a bad thing. Fear elicits the fight or flight response in our bodies. Take that energy and use it to propel you forward. After all – new is scary, but if we never did anything new – how boring would life be? So yes – change can make us nervous. That doesn’t mean it’s bad. Fear shouldn’t hold us back in a place we no longer feel comfortable in. Take the plunge into new waters and see what you discover!

Key Takeaway – Nervous energy can be positive energy!

Team Up

One of the secrets to being successful at the whole “New Year, New Me” thing is to surround yourself with successful people. So whatever your goal is – to run a marathon, lose weight or go alcohol free – find people who have already done it and add them to your team. If it’s being alcohol free or changing your relationship with alcohol that you’re striving for in 2020 – ¬†joining The Alcohol Experiment can help you. You can consider me part of your team as well when you read This Naked Mind.

Key Takeaway – Surround yourself with people you’d like to be like.

Keep Changing

One of the ways I am tackling a “New Year, New Me” challenge is by changing continually. Not by overloading myself with never-ending goals. Instead, I am taking one small goal each week that will allow me to slowly but continuously build up to being successful at creating lasting changes in my life. It might not have all the fireworks and excitement of a drastic, overnight success, but by building up to the changes and creating a foundation, I know I’ll be more successful long term.

Key Takeaway – Work up to your big change step by step and lay the groundwork for success.

Let’s Do This

2020 can be a new year and a new decade that finally brings all of us closer to the life we’ve always dreamed of. What changes are ahead for you this year? What are you doing to create a successful “New Year, New Me” plan?