New trend of non-alcoholic beverages across the US

Annie Grace of This Naked Mind speaks with Reena Roy of Good Morning America on the reasons behind the rise of the non-alcoholic beverages trend in the US.

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Non-Alcoholic Beverages Trend

The non-alcoholic beverages trend has been building for years and is a great option for some people. Here at This Naked Mind, we are often asked about whether NA drinks are okay for those taking a second look at their relationship with alcohol. Annie has shared her views on this a few times now – check out these podcasts for more information –
EP 64: Reader Question – Non-Alcoholic Drinks: Are they okay?
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Ready to hop on the non-alcoholic beverages trend? Here are a few drinks to try out –

Non-Alcoholic Christmas Drinks You and Your Guests Can Enjoy
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5 Alcohol-Free Beverage Recipes for Labor Day

Try a Non-Alcoholic Month For Yourself

If you’re curious about what a month without alcohol might look and feel like for you, I’d love you to join the more than 280,000 people who have tried The Alcohol Experiment. The members of our free community are all proud and happy to be living free from alcohol and eager to support you as well!