My Three Biggest Secrets to Controlling Alcohol

Controlling alcohol. It’s something we all struggle with. Some of us from the moment we started drinking, and for others it takes over slowly and almost insidiously. We try all the tricks – only drinking on weekends, limiting ourselves to just two drinks, or maybe proving our control by taking breaks. Yet, despite all these attempts to control alcohol, it continues to hold on to way too much of our head space. That ends right now as I share with you my three biggest secrets to controlling alcohol.

secrets to controlling alcohol

Educate Yourself

My biggest secret to controlling alcohol isn’t just what helped me to stop drinking, it’s what also has kept me from drinking all these years. I am constantly on a search for more knowledge and more research when it comes to not only alcohol and addiction but also on what allows me to continually work on myself. I am constantly seeking to empower myself by learning how to not only strengthen my brain when it comes to turning to alcohol but also shore up any other areas that might contribute to a desire to drink. That means I am always working on my professional skills, my relationship skills, and my coping mechanisms.

Never Travel Alone

It’s been said that the antidote to addiction is connection. I’ve found that to be incredibly true. From the very beginning, I didn’t take on this journey alone. Yes, I had friends and family along for the ride but my greatest support came from the online communities that existed. Without them, I never would have felt comfortable sharing my struggles, fears, and anxieties. In fact, I now belong to groups to support all the areas of my life I mentioned above. If creating connections is one of my secrets to controlling alcohol then imagine how much creating connections can help improve other areas of my life.

I Don’t Play By The Rules

You can read all the books, join all the groups, and use all the resources out there, yet when it comes down to it one of the biggest secrets to controlling alcohol is that there are no rules. What works for you is what is most important. Yes – that means taking advantage of all the resources and help that are available to you. It also means discarding the parts and pieces that do not work for you. It’s okay to NOT follow the supposed rules. How many great discoveries and advancements have been made by those who dared to challenge the norm? There isn’t a wrong way to change your drinking; the only thing that is wrong is to stop trying just because something didn’t work for you.

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