Your Guide To Moving Away From Drinking

When we anticipate a big move, we often view it with equal parts of excitement and trepidation. A new city, a promotion at work, new school – they all give us butterflies. It’s no wonder that the idea of moving away from drinking also hits us the same way – joy, nervousness and a host of other emotions we can’t quite name. How can we use those emotions to be successful?
Moving Away From Drinking


Get Excited

Moving away from drinking is a good thing. By all means, get excited about it! Build it up in your mind as much as you need to. This should be as exciting as moving into your dream home or landing your dream job. This is the start of a new life – full of opportunity, happiness and so many possibilities. Don’t let anyone dampen that excitement – because you deserve to relish it.

Harness That Energy

Anxiety makes most of us feel as if we’re going to throw up, but it does serve a purpose in our lives. Here that purpose is motivation. Harness that nervous energy and put it into use. You’e going to have time on your hands now and you need to fill it somehow. So make yourself a “to do” list and when that anxiety kicks in – start working your way through the list. Whether it’s repainting the house or training for a marathon – you now have the time and energy to spare!

Be Aware

Remember how I said there are other emotions we can’t name? That’s because alcohol numbs us so we have forgotten what many of these things we are feeling are. Now is the time to be aware and experience those emotions. Everything we have pushed back and avoided led us to drink, so by allowing yourself to sit in those feelings, you can move past them and begin moving away from drinking instead.

Keep Moving Away From Drinking

Moving away from drinking can be exciting and beautiful! Start reading the first 40 pages of This Naked Mind for free right now to see why!

Unpack Slowly

When you’re moving away from drinking, don’t expect everything to change immediately. You don’t unpack your entire house in one day or take on all of your new job responsibilities immediately either. So allow the changes to filter in slowly. Celebrate them all – big and little! Make it a personal house warming or bon voyage party each time you experience something new or let go of something old which no longer serves you!