Mother-of-three who would drink to the point of blackout has revealed she’s turned her life around

A mother-of-three who would drink to the point of blackout has revealed how she has turned her life around. Alex now delivers workplace presentations about alcohol and mental health.

‘It got to the point where I knew the drink was making me resentful. I wasn’t dealing with my grief, trauma or anxiety at all.’

Alex decided enough was enough and after an evening of red wine and cocktails, she decided to quit.

‘I had hit my own personal rock bottom as far as my mental health was concerned,’ she explained. ‘During the evening, I had gone from enjoying the night to sitting alone in a corner feeling angry and hateful. I no longer wanted to feel that way.’

Alex called her friend Lisa and told her to help her and that was the last drink she had.

‘I started my journey reading Annie Grace’s book ‘This Naked Mind’, which is how I first discovered Simon Chapple and his Be Sober group,’ said Alex.

Are you a blackout drinker that is looking to change? Start reading This Naked Mind now and learn how!

‘At that point, Simon was the UK’s only This Naked Mind coach. Intrigued, I joined his group so I could, if ever needed, reach out to people.’

‘He always responds to messages and leaves comments against your posts. He makes himself available. I also recently read his book ‘The Sober Survival Guide’, and found the second part particularly helpful.’

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