When you Quit Drinking & the Support isn’t There. ~ Annie Grace

I wasn’t met with the support to quit drinking that I had envisioned. Instead, there was a general sense of disbelief, scoffing, or

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The Hardest Part of Not Drinking. ~ Annie Grace

The hardest part of not drinking really surprised me. It wasn’t socializing without a drink. That came surprisingly easily. It wasn’t finding ways

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How I Finally Broke the Link between Anxiety & Alcohol. ~ Annie Grace

Breaking The Link Between Anxiety and Alcohol Now more than ever, self-medicating with alcohol is often encouraged. There are virtual happy hours or social distancing

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I could always find a Reason to Drink. Now I have So Many Reasons Not To. ~ Annie Grace

I’d be hard-pressed to find any day of the year where we can’t come up with a justification for why we should be

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Why Sober Sex is the Best Sex you’ll Ever Have. ~ Annie Grace

Sober Sex. It was a huge obstacle for me when it came to changing my relationship with alcohol. I had convinced myself that

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I Didn’t Follow the Rules to Quit Drinking—& I’m Not Sorry About It. ~ Annie Grace

When you picture someone quitting drinking, there’s almost a formula you think they need to follow. “The Rules To Quit Drinking”It’s either a

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