Who mentions Annie Grace or This Naked Mind? What do they have to say? Peruse the links below to find out.

The Movember Move Men Should be Making—but Aren’t.

Movember conjures up images of pretty epic handlebar mustaches and events at local breweries to raise funds in support of men’s health issues—specifically

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EP 7: The power of Not Drinking w. Alcohol Free Hero: Annie Grace

Explore the power of not drinking alcohol with best-selling author (This Naked Mind and The Alcohol Experiment) and change-maker Annie Grace. The Power

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New trend of non-alcoholic beverages across the US

Annie Grace of This Naked Mind speaks with Reena Roy of Good Morning America on the reasons behind the rise of the non-alcoholic

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Living Alcohol-Free: This isn’t a Movement—it’s a Lifestyle.

Living alcohol-free was once seen as a social stigma. A reason for shame and guilt. I tell the Elephant Journal how that has

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The Food Chain – The drinking experiment – BBC Sounds

What happens when one decides to give up alcohol in a drinking culture? Annie Grace and others share their drinking experiment with BBC

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Five podcasts celebrating sobriety for Sober October

Whether you’re ditching the booze for the month, are tee-total long-term, or simply sober curious, these five podcasts are celebrating sobriety. Check out

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