Are You Practicing These Ten Best Tips For Maintaining Motivation?

Maintaining motivation can be challenging at the best of times. During these days where every day feels the same as the next and the monotony drags on, we can find to especially difficult to keep going. How do we continue to push through and not just survive but thrive when it feels like things will never get better?


10 Tips For Maintaining Motivation

Create Milestones

I think one of the challenges with maintaining motivation during this time is that we’ve lost many of our natural milestones. With so many activities restricted we can no longer rely on the milestones, occasions, or other dates that would normally motivate us. That vacation, cruise, or holiday with family is no longer on the horizon as the next big thing to look forward to or work towards. Focus on the present and the milestones you can create for yourself. We’ve created new traditions – Taco Tuesday, Friday Pho, and just other silly things that we can look forward to in order to eliminate some of the monotony.

Find The Silver Linings

Maintaining motivation is easier when we practice gratitude along the way. Each day find some of the benefits you’ve uncovered during this time. Have you changed your relationship with alcohol or become aware that you need to change it? That’s an unexpected benefit! Rediscovered old interests or found a new hobby? Silver linings!

Questioning Your Relationship With Alcohol?

Is your lack of motivation due to your relationship with alcohol? Are you worried that alcohol is becoming a much bigger force in your life than you ever wanted it to be? Download this free e-book for answers to your questions about you and your drinking.

Priority Perspective

You tend to lose motivation when you lose sight of your priorities. No matter what it is you’re doing – quitting drinking, trying to balance work and home life, taking on an exercise, plan, etc. – you need to keep your priorities at the top of your mind in order to stay motivated.

Maintaining motivation is easier when you ask yourself the following:

Why am I doing this?
What is most important to me?
What are my non-negotiables?

Mental Health Matters

Maintaining motivation isn’t about pushing yourself to a breaking point. If you need a break from everything, take it. If you need help from a professional, get it. Life is challenging in the best of times and 2020 is anything but the best of times. There’s no shame in saying that you need some help in order to find the light in life again. We all need to call professionals in to do the big jobs, and our mental health is the biggest job of all!

Change The View

I’ve been working from home for a long time now but pre-pandemic that meant a coffee-shop, the library, and so many other places. When I found myself in a rut I would change the view. That doesn’t just apply to work-life though. You can also choose to change the view when you’re in a rut personally or emotionally. Take a walk, go to the beach or a lake, take a drive – change where you are and see if it changes your perspective and motivation.

Distractions For The Win

SO MUCH EXTRA TIME!!! I remember thinking the same when I first stopped drinking! What do you do with all the extra time? How do you fill it without getting bored? How do you not use it to ruminate and pick apart your flaws? This list was penned pre-pandemic but there are quite a few great ideas on it you can still use now.

Sleep On It

Make sure you’re taking care of yourself and getting enough sleep. Motivation is non-existent when you’re sleep-deprived and fatigued. Not only is maintaining motivation hard when you’re exhausted, but it also leads to poor decision making which could derail whatever it is you’re working on. The power of naps continues way beyond our toddler years!

People People!

Isolation can make it incredibly difficult to maintain motivation – at work, with family, or with personal goals. It’s quite easy to get in the mindset of nobody cares when the only person you’re seeing regularly is the mailman. We need people in our lives in order to stay engaged and enthused. From Zoom meetings to Facebook groups – use them all to connect and encourage not just yourself but others who are feeling the same way you do.

Keep Evolving

Often the reason you lose motivation is because your goal has changed and you failed to change with it. You’re still chasing down one goal and your mind has moved on to something else. I think that’s especially true when we’re dealing with our addictions. We pour all this energy into stopping drinking that we are hyper focused on not drinking. Often we miss the cues that it’s no longer the alcohol that we need to work on but another area that contributed to our drinking. Check in and see if what you’re striving for is still what needs attention.

Expect Obstacles to Maintaining Motivation

Have you ever run out of gas while driving? Gotten a flat tire? Run into detours or delays that prolonged your trip? You expect obstacles in your life and have encountered them before. You made it through. You will get through this time as well but the road may not be smooth or the journey as fast as you’d like it to be. You, like everyone else, would love a concrete timeline for when things will get better. There’s no timeline anyone can give you, but maintain hope. This too shall pass and the journey will empower you for the next challenge ahead.