Helene found that losing the booze took many attempts but finally getting Naked was the only way to go.

losing the booze


Letting go of what no longer serves you – changing your habits relative to alcohol and living a life of freedom, peace and clarity!

Going Alcohol Free

Five years ago I joined the sober blogging world and attempted my first 100 Days AF (alcohol free). It was a time in my life when I knew I had to make a change relative to my habits. I was dealing with many challenges, as my daughter started showing signs of a severe mental health illness. I needed to be there for her and was using booze to cope many times. Being present and on call was what I needed to do most, as she was at various times, presenting with suicidal thoughts and actual attempted overdoses.

My History

My history with booze started at the age of 12 when I used to sneak some away from my mom’s rye bottle. I was an awkward, geeky kid, but was becoming a cool kid as I poured some of it into a pop can and would meet friends and they’d all want a taste. Alcohol was something I observed throughout my childhood, as well, and not in a positive way. I watched my own mother drink as much as 40 oz of rye/whiskey a day and turn into a nasty/mean person. Witnessing and hearing many traumatizing fights and arguments, I  grew up very afraid whenever I saw my parents drinking too much. I also recall the summer I spent at my godparents home, and how my godfather (uncle) was so out of it, he took a shot gun out and started threatening to shoot people – as me and my cousins sat trembling upstairs listening to all of it.


As I grew old enough to legally drink – I did the party scene with booze every weekend and sometimes spilling into the week. I then became involved in relationships with abusive men and when booze was mixed in, it was a recipe for disaster. I  also recall many occasions where I put myself in very dangerous positions while drinking. Nights with blackout moments and allowing myself to be taken advantage of and being too embarrassed to say anything the next day as I couldn’t recall the details. Driving home when I knew I had had too much to drink.


My marriage was wrought with fights mostly surrounding booze and so we divorced (he initiated). I became bitter and went wild for a few more years. Drinking to cope as a new single mom raising two daughters on my own, but I started to recognize that alcohol was a big reason for many of the negatives in my life! I danced with the idea of moderation over 5 years.

Losing The Booze

I went for long stretches of alcohol free (AF) stints – 30 days, then 100 days a few times over, and my last longest 174 days (just shy of 6 months). When I compare or list all the reasons why I drink and how it makes me feel versus when I don’t drink and how amazingly positive my life is – it’s like a no-brainer… SERIOUSLY!
When you #LoseDaBooze – you open the door to so many great things. It’s like that saying, ‘you must clear out clutter to make room for the new’. That’s what alcohol was for me. Losing the booze just makes sense.


I used it as a coping mechanism to mask or numb many of life’s challenges. Using it for every excuse – to celebrate, or because I was tired or because I deserved it. Do you know what I deserve more of? The peace, the clarity and the FREEDOM that comes with sobriety!


Gone are the cravings from my mind … this longing for a substance that was clouding my life in so many ways. The alcohol was preventing me from reaching my health goals, my dreams and it was stopping me from pursuing my passions! I’m now able to freely say, I’ve retired this habit that no longer serves me or my purpose in life. I have BIG dreams and I’m going for them with a renewed energy and focus!

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Moving On

Thanks to Annie’s book and the community in her groups, which I quote as one of the Sober Tools my own group should go to. I am on my way and currently working to become a Certified Wellness Coach to be able to help others find their way as they too #LoseDaBooze

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