Living Alcohol-Free: This isn’t a Movement—it’s a Lifestyle.

Living alcohol-free was once seen as a social stigma. A reason for shame and guilt. I tell the Elephant Journal how that has changed and become an acceptable lifestyle choice instead.

Living Alcohol-free

When I chose an alcohol-free life almost seven years ago, there was primarily one single school of thought for why some people drink and some don’t.

People who drank were labeled normal and people who didn’t drink had “a problem.”

No matter what I did or said, I felt I’d forever live with a label that others assigned to me—alcoholic, addict, sober, in recovery—labels I didn’t identify with or take pride in.

So, I made it my mission to create a welcoming space for others who also wanted to change their relationship with alcohol but, like me, didn’t fit in with the way society defined drinkers and non-drinkers.

No Longer Hidden

Others were creating similar spaces, and conversations invited people who identified as “sober curious” and wanted to explore living alcohol-free to join what’s become a powerful movement.

Due to the success of the dialogue in these spaces, I can say I am actually no longer part of the movement. Why? Because what began as a journey to change the way we talk about sobriety and recovery is becoming an acceptable lifestyle choice.

Perspectives and perceptions are changing. People who identify as sober-curious or alcohol-free are being applauded and admired versus shamed and shunned.

It’s not that alcohol is suddenly seen as taboo or that people no longer do a double take when you say you don’t drink. It is that those of us who have changed our relationship with alcohol are no longer hiding on the fringes of society and wondering where we fit in.

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