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Learning how to live without alcohol was a struggle that Ali endured for years. No matter how many issues alcohol created in her life, she just couldn’t seem to find freedom from it. It took a fateful Google search and discovering This Naked Mind to make her realize that she could indeed live without alcohol and live well without it. Read on as she shares her story.

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Why I chose alcohol

Growing up my dad was a heavy drinker. Mum wasn’t although she suffered depression and anxiety and a traumatic childhood herself. This set the stage for my own issues with anxiety, depression, and alcohol. Being the youngest of 7 I have abandonment issues. Alcohol was the liquid that made me feel like I ‘belonged’

Alcohol was everything

For 35 years I believed alcohol was the be-all and end-all. Alcohol allowed me to express myself. It was the secret elixir for talking to men, dancing, commiserating, and being happy. I believed it was my ‘friend’. Alcohol was everywhere in my life and I created that. I didn’t know that I could live without alcohol. I was always deep down questioning it, especially after nursing hangovers for days at a time, vowing never to drink that much again. In 2015 I tried hypnotherapy. For nearly 3 months I didn’t drink or smoke pot, but once the summer came so did the drinking. Without any tools in place, I was always going to fail.

Alcohol ruined everything

As time went on it became apparent that alcohol was becoming a problem for me. In the early days, I found myself self-medicating with alcohol. The loss of my dog, my parents separating, and failed love relationships they were all reasons I couldn’t live without alcohol. I had too many rock bottoms including losing my license 3 times! Falling over and cracking my jaw, falling over and splitting my eyebrow, not being a present mum, resenting my only child for wanting me to read her a story or driving her to netball training, staying in a toxic marriage for far too long, not having the courage to leave. All of these issues were caused by alcohol.

What didn’t work

Initially, I wasn’t looking for a way to live without alcohol. I did what most of us do. I decided I would moderate my drinking. That went as well as it does for most. Although, I did quit for the longest when I was pregnant. Then as mentioned before, in 2015 I gave up alcohol for 3 months; white-knuckling it the whole way.

Learning How To Live Without Alcohol

It was time to find a way to live without alcohol. That led me to a Google search which brought me to This Naked Mind. The book was a real eye-opener in the way alcohol messes with our minds. Next, I listened daily to the podcasts. It made me beleive that a life without alcohol was possible.

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Living A Life Without Alcohol

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My life is AMAZING!! Living without shame or guilt is so freeing! My future is more stable and calm. I found my voice so no more people pleasing. Also, I have cleared my life of the heavy drinkers and toxic friendships as well. Instead I have found that I am quiet, a homebody, which is a 180 on how my old story used to sound. In the old days I was alcoholic Ali, a party girl, etc. My future is showing my 17 year old daughter that you dont need alcohol to have a good time or to relax. I am helping others realize this too by being a role model on how sobriety looks!

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