19 Ways Life Changes When You Stop Drinking

We all know that life is change. Nothing is constant. Life changes when you stop drinking too. In really amazing ways. If you’re sober curious allow this list to encourage you with the awesome life changes you will see when you stop drinking.


Life Changes When You Stop Drinking

The ways life changes when you stop drinking can cause fear when you’re contemplating it. How will you relax without drinking? Will you have any fun? How will you socialize without alcohol? So many life situations have alcohol woven into them that it’s hard to imagine life without it. I’m here to tell you that life changes when you stop drinking – in AMAZING ways!

Relationship Changes

1) Your personal relationships improve. Alcohol has a huge negative impact on relationships. Because it numbs you, you’re disengaged from your marriage, as a parent, as a sibling – you really just aren’t there for anyone. When you stop drinking your relationships improve because you’re present and engaged.

2) You find out who your friends are. You might lose friends when you stop drinking but that isn’t a bad thing. What is it really a friendship if all you had in common was alcohol? Personally I enjoyed forming deeper connections with my true blue friends.

3) You have greater intimacy. Remember how I said alcohol numbs you? Well, if you’re being intimate imagine what that does to you in the bedroom. So when you take away the numbing agent – you get fireworks in the bedroom. I wasn’t expecting that change but I definitely am not complaining about it!

4) You meet new people. I have met so many new, amazing and non-drinking people since I started this journey. I had no idea these communities existed but they do! The people in them come from all over the world and all walks of life. It’s like an online summer camp for non-drinking adults!

5) You find balance in friendships. Learning how to give help and ask for it has been a huge relationship changer since I stopped drinking. It makes me a better person to have learned the fine balance of give and take all relationships require.

Financial Changes

6) You spend less money. This one is obvious but such a great benefit! It’s not just spending less money on booze. It’s spending less on eating out, going out and replacing things that might have gotten lost or broken when you are drinking.
7) You make better financial decisions. Alcohol impairs your judgement. That’s why booking that vacation you can’t afford or making that dubious Amazon purchase seems like a good idea when you’re drinking. By taking alcohol out of the equation you’re less impulsive and more likely to make better financial choices.
8) You make more money. Not drinking means you’re making more money. You’re not missing work due to your hangover from happy hour the night before. Even better, non-drinkers are more productive and clearer minded so you’re more likely to score that promotion and raise you’ve been after.
9) You might ditch other bad habits. If you’re also prone to smoke cigarettes when you drink or nosh on pizza at 3am when the bars close – you’ll be saving money by ditching those vices too. A nice side benefit, for sure!

Read About It

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Personal Changes When You Stop Drinking

10) You feel better about yourself. Your self-esteem and self-worth take a huge leap when you stop drinking. No longer are you berating yourself up about last night. Instead you have this sense of pride about who you are today.
11) You start to feel better physically. Better sleep, more energy, less health issues. Not drinking just feels good!
12) Finally, you start figuring out who you really are. You’re not you when you drink. Alcohol dumbs you down and takes away your dreams, desires, even your sense of humor and joy. Discovering yourself again and your happiness is a great way life changes when you stop drinking!
13) You get smarter. Not only do you get smarter because you aren’t living in a mental fog. You also get smarter because now you have the time to read more, learn new things and take on new challenges. In the years since I have stopped drinking I feel like my mind has expanded tenfold from before! – practice positive self talk and remind yourself that you are important and you deserve to be treated well.
14) You look better. When you stop drinking really great things happen to your appearance. Your skin clears up, it plumps up and looks less sallow. You get more color and shine in both your skin and your hair. Further more you might lose weight or get more fit!

Spiritual Changes

15) You become more aware. When you stop drinking it’s like an entirely new realm opens up for you. You’re aware of so many things you never noticed before. Your self-talk. Advertising messages. How others treat you. All this serves to empower and enlighten you.
16) Your empathy for others increases. Having gone through a hard experience yourself you develop empathy and compassion for others that you didn’t have before.
17) You feel things. When you drink you numb all the feelings – good, bad and indifferent. Eliminate the alcohol and you open a Pandora’s box of emotions. Who knew life was full of so many feelings?

18) You connect with everything. Nature, other people, yourself. You’ve released the barrier that separated you from connecting. They say that the opposite of addiction is connection and in my experience that is true.

How Life Changes When You Stop Drinking

19) You are in control. There’s no single greater change than the fact that now you are in control. Ultimately you now decide how life changes. Isn’t that amazing?

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