The Key To Letting Loose Without Alcohol

For the longest time I had convinced myself that I need a few drinks in order to let go and relax. Without those I was sure my jokes weren’t as funny, my dancing was awkward, and I just didn’t fit in. Once I’d committed to not drinking I knew I needed to discover the key to letting loose without alcohol. I needed to keep living my life while alcohol stayed insignificant in it. How could I do that?

letting loose without alcohol

The Key To Letting Loose Without Alcohol

The key to letting loose without alcohol centered upon making two commitments to myself. The first commitment was that I would be present for friends and family. The second was to leave when I felt ready. I feared that these commitments would make me feel restricted like I did when trying to moderate but my fears were unfounded. Instead, they gave me the freedom to be in control which allowed me to truly let loose.

Letting Loose By Being Present

Being present is the most gratifying way you can let loose. By being present you’re freeing yourself of distractions. The distractions of alcohol, television, or even your phone. When you open yourself up to just being present you’re able to truly and deeply connect with friends and loved ones. My greatest memories are from those evenings that I made the space for people and allowed myself to enjoy them untethered. I will forever cherish the memories created in those moments and how fulfilled I felt from those experiences. Being present with friends means enjoying them, making space for them, and being there for them. This is my path to the most fulfilling evening.

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Alcohol Doesn’t Loosen You Up, It Numbs You

One of our biggest misconceptions is that alcohol brings us together and allows us to loosen up and connect. Alcohol numbs the brain’s ability to function and to receive information from your senses to think. The truth is alcohol drives us apart. It makes one disconnected and less present. That’s why choosing to let loose without alcohol and engage rather than disconnect is such a gift.

Letting Loose Without Alcohol Means Having The Ability To Leave Gracefully

My favorite part of letting loose without alcohol is not feeling obligated to stay until the party ends. The saying might be that nothing good happens after midnight but in all honesty – nothing good happens after the second drink. I love that I can show up, have a good time, make connections, and leave before things start getting messy.

There’s nothing fun or beneficial to staying and watching those we love turn into sloppy versions of their true selves. No meaningful conversations or connections are going to take place at that point. I instead choose to have respect for my own time and well being. The party ends for me once my friends have mentally checked out. Usually, they are at a point where they no longer notice whether I am there or not anyhow.

The Freedom in Letting Loose Without Alcohol

I feel such satisfaction when I maintain my commitments to letting loose without alcohol. I am able to show up, make connections with those that I love, and leave knowing that I’ve stayed true to myself. It is a great feeling to wake up early the next morning, remember the conversations, and feel energized and enthused to begin a new day. I’m free of the shame, regret, and restlessness that followed me when I didn’t know how to let loose without alcohol.

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