I’m so excited Laura Willoughby will be speaking at This Naked Mind Live. Today I share with you my experience learning from her.

laura willoughby

Podcast Premiere

The very first time I was invited on to a podcast I was soooo nervous.  A man named Lee Davy very kindly invited me to be a guest on The Alcohol & Addiction podcast. 

I had nerves for weeks. 

I had never been on a podcast. 

And I had no idea what to say.

So, I did my research, and decided to listen to a prior episode of The Alcohol & Addiction podcast. 


Learning From Laura Willoughby

The most recent episode featured Laura Willoughby from Club Soda. 

Out of the gate, I was intimidated because I knew all about Club Soda. 

(Not just the drink that I enjoy with cranberry & lime).

I knew Club Soda as an edgy, progressive and welcoming community of people questioning their relationship with alcohol. Club Soda didn’t see black or white and was expanding, gracefully, for all of the nuances and shades and outcomes an individual might want in changing their drinking. 

I knew they were different: 

….Disrupting the status-quo. 

….Asking better questions. 

….Providing better answers. 


And delivering real, powerful, social change in the pub culture of the UK.

I listened to Laura’s interview in awe. She is freaking BRILLIANT. Articulate, on point, and with so much wisdom from her own journey. I discovered she is an MBE and using her influence, and background in building movements, and shifting public opinion, focusing on shifting the alcohol culture, first in the UK and then beyond. 

While listening to her interview, two things happened. 

She inspired the crap out of me.

(I know, not the most elegant choice of words – but they best express my feelings!)
Here was a woman doing BIG things. HUGE things with a vision and a shoestring budget. She was powerful. World changing. And my belief in what was possible skyrocketed during her 40 min interview.

I promised myself I would meet her someday.

And that someday is now!

But it is not just me that gets to meet the incredible Laura Willoughby – it is YOU! 

I can’t tell you how honored I am to announce that Laura will be speaking at This Naked Mind LIVE 2019. 


Laura will be sharing: 

  • The top 10 behavior change techniques for changing your drinking – and how to deploy them. 
  • How to best advocate for being alcohol-free when out at restaurants, bars and pubs – without feeling like an outcast, but rather making positive change in all your social circles.


I can’t wait to meet Laura, and introduce her to you. 

How It Ends

And to finish off my podcast story, I breathed through my nerves, chose to be inspired rather than intimidated by Laura, and told my story honestly and from the heart. I won’t tell you it was the best podcast episode ever – the truth is that it left a lot to be desired.  But I knew that the only way to get good at something is to do it; to be bad at it long enough to become good at it.

And now, literally thousands of interviews later, I will never forget being inspired and motivated by Laura Willoughby.

If you’ve been wondering if you should attend This Naked Mind LIVE 2019, I would encourage you – push yourself out of your comfort zone.

Do the thing that is not convenient for the chance to be inspired. 

You never know – it just may change your life.

I’ll see you there!