Learn To Love Yourself Again

Addiction can make us feel unlovable, especially if we’ve caused loved ones pain. Many times this can keep us stuck in the same thought patterns that caused our issues in the first place. In order to heal, you must learn to love yourself after addiction.


You Did Not Create Yourself.

You did not create you. You were created. Even when you feel you have no value you must remember that there is a creator of you. Call it God, call it The Universe, call it Evolution, call it whatever you want, but there is a consciousness that created you and made you exactly who you are.

And you have value.

Incredible, immense value.

Once we start to think of ourselves as having value or worth, we can also realize we are worthy of love. That includes self love.

Setting The Standard

Self love is the single most important ingredient for health and happiness. How we treat and love ourselves sets the standard for how we treat and love everything around us. That is why learning to love yourself after addiction is crucial. Without this important step, you won’t create any space for love anywhere in your life. When we take the time to foster real appreciation for ourselves, we are able to begin creating and maintaining a joyful, healthy, and happy life.
For most of us who have dealt with addiction, it is hard to treat ourselves with the kind of love and appreciation that we have for those closest to us. We are so stuck in who we use to be that we forget that we can now honor who we have become and forgive who we were. You have worked hard to change who you were. That is worthy of love.

Going Back To Go Forward

A vital component in learning to love yourself after addiction involves going back. You must understand why you made the choices you did and what drove you to seek alcohol to soothe those hurts. You might have developed healthier coping mechanisms but you must still try to resolve the hurts that brought you there. Often that means loving yourself enough to realize that you are not to blame. Often those hurts we did not create and we were only seeking to ease the pain. Forgive yourself for how you eased the pain and show yourself compassion. Remember that you are setting the standard for how you want others to treat you. Aren’t you worthy of compassion?

Learning To Love Yourself After Addiction

Learning to love yourself after addiction can start with reading This Naked Mind for free today!

You can also join The Alcohol Experiment for daily emails and exercises to support you in a 30-day booze-free challenge that will connect you with others who are healing.

Words Have Power

Finally, when you’re learning to love yourself after addiction – remember that words have power. The way you speak to yourself plays a major role in how you feel about yourself. Would you let anyone talk to a child or someone you hold dear the same way you address yourself? When phrased that way it really puts how we treat ourselves into perspective. Focus on building yourself up with your self-talk rather than dragging yourself down. Be your own cheerleader and remember that being loved begins with loving yourself.

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