Labor Day Drinking No More

I still haven’t figured out why we associate almost every holiday with drinking. More so, the ones that fall on Monday baffle me. Who really wants to show up at work on Tuesday with a hangover from what usually ends up being 4 days of drinking? So how do you celebrate now that Labor Day drinking is no longer for you?

You Aren’t Missing Out

If you associate this weekend with a cold can in your hand or a fancy glass – you can still have one. The selection of 0% beers now available is outstanding! So pick a few up and create your own flight to sample from. As for fancy drinks? This list of mocktail recipes should be a great start – sweet or savory – they are all on there! Of course – you can also stick to whatever your favorites are – lemonade, ice tea or even just water. You’re in charge here.

Stick To What You Enjoy

You aren’t obligated to accept every invitation that is thrown your way. For me, realizing that I did have the option to turn down doing things that I didn’t enjoy was a huge perk of being free from alcohol. So if someone is throwing a boozefest where the only objective is to drink and get messy – you don’t need to show up there. Instead, squeeze in a last weekend at the pool, go camping, or hit the sales instead.

Be Open, Be Positive

You don’t need to hide in a corner or avoid doing anything this weekend. Go out, be open and be positive! If offered alcohol, just politely decline with a “No thanks, I’m not drinking. Could I get a lemonade instead?” You don’t need to offer more information, but if asked – feel free to talk about the positive changes you’ve seen since you stopped drinking.

Go Your Own Way

If you really want to celebrate but you want to be in control of the weekend – throw your own party. This is your opportunity to show others that it’s not the alcohol that makes a party fun. So get your party planning hat on and throw down a celebration that is rock star without the booze. Have a grilling competition or a BBQ sauce challenge. Play fun and silly games to get the conversation going. Challenge guests to create the best mocktail. The possibilities are endless when you take the focus off the alcohol and place it on the fun instead!

Learn More About No More Labor Day Drinking

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