I see it pop up in my Facebook groups all the time. People either freaking out or excited that they just outed themselves. It’s the OOPS! moment where you realize you just put it out there – “I Quit Drinking!” Now what?

i quit drinking

My Experience

You may already know this but I made a really big deal out of it with family and friends when I quit drinking. I crafted an entire email and was more or less shouting it from the rooftops. Now, I know that isn’t typical behavior by any means, but I didn’t want to hide in the shadows with my choice. I was proud and I wanted everyone to know it.

The World Isn’t Going To End

If you accidentally made your “I quit drinking” post public knowledge – it’s okay. The world will not end. You can go ahead and delete the post or leave it up and see what happens. I’ve seen it go both ways and in most cases, those that left it up didn’t get the backlash they were expecting. Most instead found support – often from unexpected places.

You’re Not Alone

The great thing about going public is that it DOES start a conversation and it removes the stigma one person at a time. When you were questioning your relationship with alcohol, you probably felt very alone in that process. Now imagine if you knew a friend was doing the same and you could tackle this issue together? There is power in numbers and support is a crucial part of this journey. Offer it and accept it.

Share The Challenge

If you accidentally let everyone know – “I quit drinking!”, let them know how to join you in the challenge as well! A simple – “It’s true guys! I’m trying The Alcohol Experiment and you can too!” takes the focus off of you and instead puts the interest on the challenge. Or say “Hey, I read this book and it really opened my eyes to the dangers of alcohol!”

Damage Control

If you happen to out yourself unintentionally, consider it an unexpected blessing! What better way to hold yourself accountable and really stay motivated to be successful than knowing that everyone is following your journey. Take that and run with it! Remember – you’re in control here, so start sharing it all. How good you’re feeling, the weight you’ve lost, the money you’ve saved, and how well you’re sleeping! Kick shame to the curb and wear your newfound health proudly!