Why Just One Drink Doesn’t Work

When you’re beginning to question your relationship with alcohol, it’s normal to try to just cut back and moderate. Or once you’ve had a few months of being alcohol free under your belt you might start thinking – I can have just one drink. For a few this. this is a real possibility but for the majority of us, it’s the beginning of a scene we know all to well. The truth isĀ  – it’s never just one drink.
just one drink

Just One Drink

I remember being a teenager and seeing the Lay’s potato chip bag emblazoned with – “Betcha Can’t Eat Just One”. We’d see that as a challenge and try to eat just one chip. Somehow, we always ended up with an empty bag of chips and some salty fingers. Just one drink really feels the same as far as mental challenges go, we set ourselves up for just one and before we know it, we’re staring at an empty bottle.

Mental Math

The problem with just one drink is that once you’ve had it, alcohol is doing what it’s designed to do. It lowers our inhibitions and leads to poor decision making. For me, just one drink meant I would start doing mental math. Did my ‘just one drink’ really count as just one? I did use a pretty small glass. I could have one more and it wouldn’t be cheating. Right?

Tolerance Trouble

Attempting to moderate also runs into another roadblock – tolerance. Initially one drink might produce the high you’re looking for but once tolerance builds, one drink won’t do it for you anymore. That is where the trouble really begins. It’s easy to tell yourself that drinking more isn’t bad since you didn’t even feel the first drink. That isn’t true though – it just means that you’ve already set the bar for chasing that illusive high.

Learn More

If you’re questioning your relationship with alcohol but need support The Alcohol Experiment can help you. Or you can learn more about the science of why moderation seldom works, dive into reading This Naked Mind.

It’s A Drug

In the end, remember that alcohol is a drug. Having just one drink is just as hard as any other addiction one is trying to control. Could you imagine trying to believe a heroin or cocaine addict is going to have just one? Yet, because alcohol gets a pass in society, we believe the illusion of ‘just one’. Stay strong and stay alcohol free.